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  1. Solar

    What battle do you dread the most in any Pokémon game?

    Korrina's Lucarios on route who-cares
  2. Solar


    I love Jynx the best. I think it's the longest Pokémon cry of all, at least it used to be. I used to have fun on GBA using Jynx because if you were quick enough, you could have the cry overlapping other sound effects because it was so long.
  3. Solar

    Sick music in video games

    My taste isn't one to hold in high regard because I listen to **** like this, but if I had to pick like...ONE track....that isn't Poké would be.... Fight With Seymour
  4. Solar

    Favorite Pokémon Gimmick?

    Arceus forms heck ya. Ya get a pink one, ya get a blue one, ya get it a green one, pick ya favorite.
  5. Solar

    Loudred's Lounge (Music Club) - WE SUPPORT RAINBOW ROCKET

    Oh yes my favorite album is probably still MK III, because I was a super heavy groupie around its release, had a "Engineer-eteer" membership which was like a private Patreon that gave access to a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. My favorite song is "I'll Rust With You" because it's so catchy...
  6. Solar

    Loudred's Lounge (Music Club) - WE SUPPORT RAINBOW ROCKET

    Isa I can't stop myself from telling you that SPG is my favorite band of all time. I've seen them live three times and met and mingled with them. Me and Bunny had a long conversation about gender identity in the break room and I had lunch with Sam Luke. Been listening to them since 2cent Show...
  7. Solar

    Can you beat any Pokemon game using one, and only one pokemon?

    In RSE Hoenn you can do this with Swampert, Wailord, Gyarados, Crawdaunt, and Wailrein. At least that's off the top of my head. The only essential HM's in Hoenn to proceed in the game are Rock Smash, Strength, Surf, Dive, and Waterfall. So those strong beefy water types are the only way you can...
  8. Solar

    TV/Movies Everything Disney!

    About a decade ago live action Disney remakes were all everyone talked about and wanted. I saw fake whisperings about live action Little Mermaid staring Zac Effron as early as 2006. Beauty and the Beast was among the biggest hopefuls. Then they came, and now people act like they never wanted...
  9. Solar

    What size city is your favorite?

    I like cities that are on the smaller side, but have one or two unique landmark buildings that set it apart. My favorite city is RSE Mauville, as an example, because it's a small town but has a bike shop, a gym, a gamecorner, and the daycare located just a short walk west. Most of Hoenn is like...
  10. Solar

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  11. Solar

    Sword/Shield Spoiler Galarian Forms

    Please welcome Galarian Zigzagoon. Give it up for Galarian Zigzagoon. We can't get enough of Galarian Zigzagoon. Loyal Galarian Zigzagoon is all you need.
  12. Solar

    ~*The Eevee Clan V.8*~

    It's gotta be ciao for now, but thanks for the fun. Was cool bringing the place back home.
  13. Solar

    ♡- Ask a Meru Anything! -♡

    pelts Been having fun in Eorzea? Excited for expansion? Wanna clip into hell and blow some **** up some time?
  14. Solar

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    Hey hope ya'll feelin' gucci
  15. Solar

    ~*The Eevee Clan V.8*~

    Back is really not the right word I’m just chillin
  16. Solar

    ~*The Eevee Clan V.8*~

    Thank you for the Luvdisc Grams. I'm doing good today, and hope you all are too. Part of me thought about locking the club, but isn't sure if it's right. I'd still like to keep it around if you would. I don't know if I'm back, but I do like being here. Thank you for page 23/24. I liked Grookey.
  17. Solar

    Marriland Prom Movie 2019 - WALL•E (2008) - February 9th, 9PM EST / UTC -5:00

    Movie will start in 30 minutes, the room is open
  18. Solar

    The Nuzlocke Hunger Games - Ants Marching (Sponsors Can Still Sign-Up)

    Excellent. Truly, the most marvelous display I've seen here thus far. You've earned the highest honor I could possibly provide. I now grant all of your desires. For @Kaori I provide: TM 84 Poison Jab (10k) TM 46 Thief (3k) TM 18 Rain Dance (2k) Press on, champion. :persian:
  19. Solar

    Reboots are weird.

    hey blue blue wassup ♥
  20. Solar

    wassuhbih :P

    wassuhbih :P