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    Mad Libs - Results

    Prom Mad Libs - Results Flo and Wheegalure Fafrir and Pendraflare Thundawave and Rydia Silver and Blaiddyd SAF Calaf and Typhlosion Nuuk and atlus 2 >>Click here to vote for awards!<< Voting will close on 2/22. Please post in the thread confirming that you voted.
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    Prom Mad Libs - 2020 edition

    Prom Mad Libs Mad libs are fill-in-the-blank stories that need just a little help to be completed. Participants be provided a list of general prompts. Select a word or phrase that fits each one, send the list back to me, and see how your own prom story unfolds! Prompts will be sent out on the...
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    In the Limelight - A Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke

    Heyo friends, it's been a minute. I'm having a blast with Pokemon Shield and impulsively decided to start a nuzlocke on Shield. I'm not doing anything fancy, just the standard rules, namely: Fainted Pokemon can no longer be used. Only the first encounter in each area can be caught. All Pokemon...
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    Hello, squad! 🦐 It’s (almost) the last day of camp. That’s a bit of a bittersweet feeling, but I’m so thankful for the memories we’ve made this week, and for the ones we still have left to make! This is only my second Smash Camp and my first as a leader, and especially with having to work two...
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    Cabin Flag!

    Vote for our cabin flag from among those submitted! *please continue to submit flags if you haven't! We've got some great flags here nice work, everyone! fafrir: dino: diarkia: moxie: BZWGolem: Vigilance:
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    Cabin Name Suggestions

    Please post your ideas for our cabin name here. You're also welcome to discuss other suggestions!
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    Daily Camp Tasks and Tips

    If you've been sitting around thinking "Hm, what should I do today to help my cabin?" then think no more because I'm going to lay down the basic tasks right here. - If you're available right at the start of the day, help out with solving the puzzles. This is a team effort, and more brains mean...
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    RPG action thread

    For strategy and choosing our actions. Since Kaity and Rockie are the ones who've posted interest, we'll have them be the main reps, but this is going to be a team effort so don't check out because of that. I don't know exactly how often rounds will be up, but I'd like everyone to be prepared to...
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    Quiz Time - Pokemaniacs needed

    With the Pokémon quiz returning this year, we need some Pokémon whizzes to give us our best shot. Please post here if you’d be interested in giving this event a try. Here’s the record of last year’s attempts for reference: The questions are intentionally tough, so it’s ok if you don’t think...
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    Everyone is Mafia strategy

    Representatives, please post your alias here as well as your role once you’ve received it. When the game starts, any pertinitent information or planning can be posted here.
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    RPG/Everyone is Mafia interest

    We need two cabin representatives for the RPG and four+ for Everyone is Mafia. Please see the threads (here and here) for details on the events, but I've participated in both before and they're lots of fun! If you think you have an interest, I'd encourage you to give it a try. For now, post if...
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    Cabin 2 Assemble

    Congratulations, You have just become part of the only cabin supported by Arsène (see above). This means that you, my friend, are already a winner. By the end of this week, though, you’ll be even more of a winner when we trounce the competition. I hope you’re ready to have a great time...
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    Team Rocket wants you Our uniforms are so cool Hail Giovanni (This haiku was paid for by Team Rocket) Post your Rainbow Rocket propaganda here ALL WILL JOIN US
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    VERY important question

    who is the hottest RR executive personally i think Scraftato :hearteyesazurill:
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    When You Wish Upon a Card ~ Ravey and Dino's ORAS Disney Challenge

    Once upon a time... 12 Disney character found true love (uwu) and the schemes of the villains that opposed them were thwarted. Now, those villains have brought all of their tricks and magic together to cast a curse that's disrupting their Happily Ever After. Turned into Pokemon, they have been...
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    Prom Mad Libs - The Results

    ❤ Prom Mad Libs ❤ Thank you everyone for submitting! I had a blast putting all of these together, and I hope you enjoy your stories. The bottom of the post will include a link to vote for a few silly awards, so please take a look! You're absolutely allowed to vote for your own entry for...
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    Prom Mad Libs

    ❤ Prom Mad Libs ❤ Mad libs are fill-in-the-blank stories that need just a little help to be completed. Participants be provided a list of general prompts. Select a word or phrase that fits each one, send the list back to me, and see how your own prom story unfolds! Prompts will be sent out...
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    Gift Wrapping: an art

    I'm going to be straight with you guys: I'm terrible at gift wrapping. I can occasionally get a nice result if I'm wrapping something simple like a DVD, but anything that's a slightly weird size or shape is going to be a hot mess. As I was wrapping Christmas presents yesterday afternoon, I...
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    Music Fa la la la la ~ What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?

    With Thanksgiving over, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And that means 'tis the season for Christmas music! What are some of your favorite carols or Christmas songs? Are there any that you aren't particularly fond of? Do you listen to a lot of Christmas music at this time of the...
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    Randomizer Azurill Rescue Squad - An Explorers of Sky Randomized Challenge

    Only WE can save Azurill *Stupid banner by me Once upon a time two dorks really cool people on Discord saw a Drowzee and rightfully declared it evil. Heartbroken for the plight of an unfortunate Azurill, they took it upon themselves to be the heroes Azurill needs. Thus, the Azurill Rescue...