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  1. shhmew

    Sword/Shield Spoiler Sword&Shield Fanart collection!

    i made a thread like this for Sun&Moon when new stuff was getting revealed, i liked it so let's do it again! step 1: spot nice fanart of the new characters and/or pokemon released for sword&shield step 2: post it here step 3: do not forget to credit the artist that's it! i'm a sucker for...
  2. shhmew

    the obligatory Accent Challenge/Voice thread

    i wanna hear ppl's voices! When you spend a long time on a forum sometimes you meet people and get to know them really well, without even knowing what they sound like. And what makes this extra interesting is we all come from various places on earth, with all sorts of accents, and different...
  3. shhmew

    can you whistle?

    very simple question. just wanted a poll on it
  4. shhmew

    PMD Discussion Thread

    just wanted a thread for pmd !!! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a series of spin off games in which you turn into a Pokemon and explore dungeons while collecting items/attacking enemy Pokemon in a rogue-like fashion. They are notable for their powerful stories that overflow with emotion and sense...
  5. shhmew

    Sword/Shield Galar Region discussion

    let's discuss the new region \o/ The Galar region is the setting for the newly announced Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, and appears to be based on Great Britain. how do you feel about what we've seen of it so far? do you have any specific hopes for it? a big point of discussion too, do you...
  6. shhmew

    Wait so can profile comments have BBCode?

    feels like something that prob would have been addressed by now but why is bbcode totally disabled in profile comments? is it something that can be enabled ? maybe not high priority but something i noticed a while ago and someone just brought up to me and im like, yeah why is that a thing? just...
  7. shhmew

    Music favorite albums

    i made this topic foreeever ago on azuri but rly wanted to remake it here! i'm really bad at finding favorite artists or favorite genres, since i go back and forth between them and rarely really focus on them in that way... but what I do love, is finding favorite albums that I always come back...
  8. shhmew

    tags on plushies

    this is random af and i have a feeling it will be VERY irrelevant to a lot of people. but for those who have/collect plushies/stuffed animals/etc, do you rip/cut all the tags off? including the ones sewn into the fabric? or do you prefer to keep them on? i've known people on both sides so im...
  9. shhmew

    childhood snacks

    what sort of snacks would you eat a lot as a kid? what was your absolute favorite?? also do you still eat any of it or have your tastes changed a lot?=)
  10. shhmew

    Music favorite love songs UWU

    feels appropriate since Valentines Day is quickly approaching hehehe. Do you have any favorite love songs? or maybe least favorites? how do you feel about love songs in general? do they give you the warm fuzzies? or maybe you think they're just dumb?? share ur thoughts..
  11. shhmew

    Music Song face off discoveries

    Our community has had a lot of face offs / showdowns for music over the years. it all started with the classic 100 Song Face Off, which has had several versions, and since then there have been some very fun variations (most recently the third version of the video game song showdown, which just...
  12. shhmew

    Studio Ghibli

    ghibli films are magical, sometimes in the most ordinary way, which to me is what gives them such a perfect charm. I only very recently starting watching more of these films and I love them a lot. I still haven't seen all of them, though, (maybe not even the majority of them), and I'm mostly...
  13. shhmew

    Let's Go what does your partner (eevee/pika) look like discuss
  14. shhmew

    Portfolio ♥ art by shhmew ♥

    art by shhmew,,, helo it me, i am finally making a studio thread to showcase my art! i have been drawing for as long as i can remember but have struggled with motivation and confidence in my work for as long as i can remember, too. i have been trying very hard to practice putting my own heart...
  15. shhmew

    use, store, release

    a game i like. just look at the 3 pokemon listed in the above post and pick one that you would use (put on your team), one that you would store (put in the box for possible later use), and one that you would release (get rid of). You must choose one for each category, you can't say release all...
  16. shhmew

    Marriland Frequently Asked Questions + Ask your quick questions here!

    ✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮ ☆ ★ Marriland Frequently Asked Questions ★ ☆ Welcome to the Marriland Forums FAQ page! Here I'll be answering some common questions we get here, and you can also post any quick questions about the Marriland Forums here. ! Please check if your question is answered here first...
  17. shhmew

    how do you sleep at night

    this was asked by bowser on discord but he hasn't made an account to post a thread so iM DOIN IT what position do you sleep in? on your side, on your back, tummy, etc also is there anything else you need to sleep, maybe some noise, maybe you can't stand noise, maybe it must be cold, maybe you...
  18. shhmew

    do you watch what you eat?

    idk i thought this would be a fun thread since everyone varies a LOT on this topic. Even if you don't have some strict diet, maybe there are certain things you watch out for because it just does not agree with your body? maybe you make some effort to be healthy? or maybe none of that applies...
  19. shhmew


    post an image that is super relatable or just is so "you" that it might as well be a picture of yourself. it's just gotta be appropriate as per the forum rules.