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  1. shhmew

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club hello friends. There are many reasons why, but I am locking this thread. Those who care know POM is not dead - we basically just transformed into a little discord server that I now cherish to bits, I...
  2. shhmew

    ✎ Post Your Art Social Media! ✎

    for those who care, im jus gonna be posting my art on insta from now on♥
  3. shhmew

    Portfolio ♥ art by shhmew ♥

    two galar cuties
  4. shhmew

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    hi lovely ones!!! just gonna copy pasta this from the server: I have reworked the "Away" section in our club's thread. It now simply lists members who have been completely MIA for longer than two months. This means they've been absent from the forums & discord (official marriland server & this...
  5. shhmew

    ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - When You're around Me, I'm Radioactive

    aa thanks guys.. & congrats kaity i hope this one brings you lots of happiness<3
  6. shhmew

    Favorite YouTubers

    you have good taste my friend... and you know of nakeyjakey and mike falzone!! i love them.
  7. shhmew

    it rly is... makes me feel SICK

    it rly is... makes me feel SICK
  8. shhmew

    awww thank you sweet lady!!!!

    awww thank you sweet lady!!!!
  9. shhmew

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Hiya Null,, welcome! and welcome back rockie yey!!!!!!!!!!! also seeing beautiful areas get destroyed for reasons like that is... well it sure is sad
  10. shhmew

    Favorite YouTubers

    i just love jennamarbles and her boyfriend julien so much they are so pure & instantly brighten my day with any video. also gamegrumps are just still such amazing and funny people. otherwise i really only watch dashie for the laffs. every year i watch fewer and fewer and fewer youtubers. but...
  11. shhmew

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    5 the hell is ever going on in this thread
  12. shhmew

    ♡ The Lonely Hearts Club ♡ - When You're around Me, I'm Radioactive

    no posts in a month ): anyone have any updates? i'm uhhh taken now so i should probably mention that..hehehe i hope everyone been feeling lots of love in their life and especially loving themselves... that part is very very important... ❤️❤️❤️
  13. shhmew

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    how's everyone feelin? i've been feeling quite nice since i took a vacation for a few days for my birthday uwu and i'm actually looking forward to go back to work a lil bit! also been taking more walks in this very nice park in town and i think that helps. this park is right by the river and...
  14. shhmew

    Music One Hundred Song Face Off: Version Eight! "It's a new soundtrack...I could dance to this beat forevermore ❤"

    fun tonight +3 ocean +1 red sky at night 0 shut up and dance -1 respect -3
  15. shhmew

    🌵 Cacnea Compound - you probably having hug

    tag urself im the cup of questionable liquid
  16. shhmew

    Pet Peeves

    the "thoughts & prayers" sentiment... i can see where you're coming from... a pet peeve of mine is just when people are so fake especially when trying to be sympathetic... like i get it, sometimes i don't know how to react to sad **** either, but i think it's important to at least try to say...
  17. shhmew

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    im shaking rn
  18. shhmew

    hey hot loaf

    hey hot loaf
  19. shhmew

    do u rememba...

    do u rememba...