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  1. Fafrir

    Fafrir's MDL S3 Overview!

    Henlo all! So basically, I have decided to enter my first draft league after seeing how fun is it many years ago. I wanted to enter last year's but I was working on a big project out of town for long hours. But anyways, despite feeling burnt out for some weeks, I still enjoyed participating in...
  2. Fafrir

    Okay yeah, I like it now! / I'm not a fan anymore.

    Are there any Pokémon you initially disliked or didn't care for but you are starting to like now? What about the opposite? I used to hate Scrafty (I know, it's hard to believe, I'm still surprised myself; a Pokémon I used to hate is now my personal favourite for all these years), Unown...
  3. Fafrir

    Marriprom Art Contest - Voting Stage [Results are in!]

    Thank you all for participating, I hope you all had fun describing my beautiful drawing and trying to draw from your partner's description. ;] Here's the original drawing: And here are your submissions: For voting, you can vote for one entry based on these criteria: Accuracy - how close...
  4. Fafrir

    Decorate the Dancefloor! (cooldown reduced!)

    This dancefloor is sure lonely, let's see if we can make it better! The objective is to copy/save the image above you, add whatever, post it, and repeat until it is completed! Rules: 1. You can add anything (as long as it follows the Marriland Rules) to it but you can only add one thing at a...
  5. Fafrir

    Marriprom Art Contest! [Art is due the 15th!]

    Marriprom Art Contest based off this thread by Azuviin In fabulous light comes this stunning gallery of collaboration. This is Marriprom's Art Contest where both you and your partner must work together and compete against other pairs! How will this work? Because of the nature of this event...
  6. Fafrir

    Sword/Shield Expansion Pass

    Today, the Pokemon Direct has announced there will be DLC with a ton new features a lot like the enhanced versions. Features including: Brand new Pokemon: Kubfu (Fighting-type) that evolves into Urshifu (depending on version, it will be Fighting/Dark for Sword or Fighting/Water for Shield) and...
  7. Fafrir

    Marriland Secret Santa! [2019 edition](Merry Christmas! Gifts are in!)

    Original event by Merushii | Art made by a random user December is here so that means it's time for Marriland's annual Secret Santa! A Secret Santa is an anonymous gift exchange where you sign up, give presents, and receive presents. :cryogonal: Wait, so what can I send? :cryogonal: Pretty...
  8. Fafrir

    20 minutes, 2 minutes, 20 seconds!

    (still stolen from that Scrafty person) So, I was browsing through Youtube suggestions and saw an artist doing the titled challenge and I thought it would be fun to do. Basically, you first draw anything in 20 minutes, the same thing in two minutes, and the next one in 20 seconds. Anyways, here...
  9. Fafrir

    Sword/Shield What version are you getting?

    Now that the box arts have been revealed, we now know who the cover legendary Pokémon are. We may not know the version exclusives yet but so far which version are you getting? I'm probably getting both just because I tend to get both versions of the main games. Edit: I'm getting neither, games...
  10. Fafrir

    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 results!]

    [shamelessly stolen from that Scrafty person] Remember playing the game Telephone with a small circle of friends, only to have the phrase started as "Scrafty is best Pokemon" turned into "Scratch thee bees poke, ok" in the end? Welcome to Picture Telephone, where it's similar to Telephone, but...
  11. Fafrir

    Portfolio faf's arts :]

    henlo all, i thought i would post my art here. for digital drawing, i use opencanvas 6, art academy, and sometimes Drawception sandbox.
  12. Fafrir

    Ask a Simple Question get a Simple Answer! (Fafrir edition)

    Henlo all! My other AMA hasn't been used in over 2 years so I might as well make another one because answering questions are quite fun. I was also known as Scrafty on the old forum as well as a former moderator. Ask away! P.S. Please no honest opinions and Marriland rules apply! :]