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  1. Dizzy

    Petition to Overthrow Mods

    For too long, we, the people of Marrilland, have suffered under the cruel rule of the Mods. They have committed acts of horror against our people in threads such as CAHAPBAMP, but I say no longer! We must overthrow our supreme overlords and reinstate a new government! To join the revolution...
  2. Dizzy

    What was your first ever starter?

    For me, my first starter was Piplup. My very first Pokemon game was Platinum, and I couldn't resist the allure of having a penguin fight on my behalf.
  3. Dizzy

    Secret Santa!

    In order to get everyone festive and jolly, you're cordially invited to participate in a Secret Santa minigame! By Marriland Law, you are legally obliged to buy the above poster a present!* For example: Get me something good, please! *You are not actually legally obliged to buy anything in this...
  4. Dizzy

    Dizzy's AMA

    Ask me anything! However, I do have some rules in place to make sure none of you are Death Eaters in disguise: 1. No inappropriate or overly personal questions! 2. Be polite! 3. Don't be shy! Fire away!
  5. Dizzy

    Music Do You Play Any Instruments?

    I'm in my school's band, and I play the French Horn. It's amazing because we get all the cool parts :cheeky: I also play the violin, except I'm really bad at it. marching sucks i almost died in a parade dont @ me
  6. Dizzy


    In this game, you type out the amount of time between you and the previous poster. EDITS DON'T COUNT! Additionally, you should always copy down the record for shortest amount of time between posts. For example, The goal of the game is to get the stopwatch down to "A moment ago." When that...