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  1. Pantheon

    The 100 Video Game Song Showdown V3 - SEMI FINALS ROUND 4 (ANYONE CAN VOTE)

    Kaine Salvation - Nier Automata + 3 Xayah and Rakan - League of Legends +1 Megalovania - Undertale +0 Lake Lamode 1 (Lake Kingdom) - Super Mario Odyssey -1 Maya's Theme - Persona 2 -3
  2. Pantheon

    Marriland Mafia: A Return to A Simple Tale (Endgame: Town & Chatterbox Win!)

    The reason I don't play mafia anymore is precisely because people go inactive and it spoils all the fun. I want to have fun in the day phase and I want to discuss with people. If people are going to go inactive and not post, then there is nothing in it for me. What I'm trying to say by that is...
  3. Pantheon

    Which Browser Do You Use?

    Used Chrome until it started being **** with Twitch, so I switched to Firefox. Didn't give me trouble until a few weeks ago where I can randomly get errors that prevent it from opening and have to restart my PC until it cooperates. Might switch back if it keeps up.
  4. Pantheon

    January 12th, 2019: Removal of Advisory Position and a Returning Staff Member

    Thank you to the staff for having me, and I hope I was of some use. Wish the best to Michelle in resuming her duties.
  5. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    Blood tests suck.
  6. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    Yeah, on the water front I do have to specifically go out of my way to get a bottle of water or I won't drink it, I'll find something else. I have tried to be better about it and specifically drink a glass of pure water a day instead of an alternative, but it's hard man, I want to taste something.
  7. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    That's really unhealthy lol. I don't get really ever feel thirsty either, but I always ensure I'm drinking something to keep hydrated. Also I don't want kidney stones to develop that would suck.
  8. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    I hope you promoted efficiently and didn't wait until 20.
  9. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    No I think that's common. Water doesn't exactly have an appealing taste it's... well, plain.
  10. Pantheon

    Slip of the tongue!

    I talk too fast and mess up thoughts in my head so I end up with incoherent sentences more than I'd like to admit, particularly at the worst times (interviews...). It tends to come up more in typing tbh, I'll just put in a random word that begins with the same letter of the word I'm thinking...
  11. Pantheon

    The 100 Video Game Song Showdown V3 - SEMI FINALS ROUND 4 (ANYONE CAN VOTE)

    You Will Know Our Names - 5/10 - Always thought this song was heavily overrated, still think it is. Opening is so mediocre and doesn't match the rest of the song well imo. Nemesis Final Form Theme - 8/10 - Looking at the lukewarm comments immediately above I was pleasantly surprised by this...
  12. Pantheon

    AMA Pantheon

    Best: K/DA Akali (so much detail in this skin for a 1350), Odyssey Kayn, Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona Worst: Pajama Guardian Skinline, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (price compared to quality), Dark Star Jarvan IV Favourite: Mecha ASol, Divine Sword Irelia, Pulsefire Shen Least Favourite: Beemo...
  13. Pantheon

    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    I drink rarely, maybe once a month at best. Never been drunk enough to have a hangover so that's cool. It's mostly a social thing or to relax for me. I don't understand the appeal of getting wasted every week (never did that at Uni and don't regret not doing it), but I do like going out to a pub...
  14. Pantheon

    What Are You Currently Playing? V3

    Wait, you've not played 2 or 3? Those were the golden age! Been playing Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia - Aiming for a Blitzkrieg run + Post-Game stuff. Almost done with Act 4 Celica. Also playing Transport Fever on PC as a destress game.
  15. Pantheon

    What gets you out of bed in the morning?

    My bed is lovely and I hate leaving it because I am comfortable, but I know if I don't get up then and there I'll fall asleep for another few hours and feel bad later. I don't have distractions at my bedside, i.e. phones, I have to get up and reach for them which provides that impetus to just...
  16. Pantheon

    The 100 Video Game Song Showdown V3 - SEMI FINALS ROUND 4 (ANYONE CAN VOTE)

    Meglovania - 7/10 - Undertale music I actually liked, wow. Snake Eater - 9/10 - One of the better vocalized video game tracks for sure. Neo Burning Town - 6/10 - I thought it was okay, but it didn't stand out to me. Main Theme - 5/10 - Like others above said, started strong, but didn't like...
  17. Pantheon

    Procrastinated Games

    Aside from a big list on Steam (games from like '14 and '15 that I purchased on there but have yet to play), Ultra Moon and Breath of the Wild. For BotW I thought about playing it but ended up playing Skyrim instead (and finally 'finishing' it on a character for the first time ever) and now I...
  18. Pantheon

    What is the last thing you bought?

    Transport Fever on Steam and I've been playing it addictively. I have also been doing that thing I do in these sorts of games and never 'finishing' a game because I go bankrupt.
  19. Pantheon

    what made you angery today

    I woke up and it was dark. I also can't make a ****ing profitable train company in this stupid ass game.
  20. Pantheon

    The 100 Video Game Song Showdown V3 - SEMI FINALS ROUND 4 (ANYONE CAN VOTE)

    Kaine Salvation - Nier Automata: 9/10 - I strongly dislike that I scrolled down just a tad and got what I believe is a major spoiler in the first comment. Who are these assholes that post spoilers on music videos anyway jesus ****ing christ. Song itself was very good and I liked it and put it on...