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  1. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    You don't. (I feel like I need to put a disclaimer on this one)
  2. Rubad Ubdub

    Tournament Marriland's Official RU Tournament. RU Ready?!

    I'm gonna need to drop out of the tourney, the fact that it's overlapping with college finals and finals projects means I'm probably not going to have a lot of free time during reasonable hours to do my battles. Not to mention I've been on the forum 2 times in the past 2 weeks. Unless my...
  3. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    Get the most disgusting toppings you can think of to punish everyone for being indecisive.
  4. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    That tends to happen to people who spend too long in the solitude of the consciousness echo chamber. All they hear is themselves. All they feel is themselves. Sometimes it gets so quiet the only thing they can hear is their own heartbeat. They become their own god, bound by the covenant of their...
  5. Rubad Ubdub

    Music Guilty Pleasure Songs

    I'm gonna add Toxic to that as well. Toxic is a banger. Other than that, anything by the Beastie Boys.
  6. Rubad Ubdub

    Physical or Digital?

    Physical. Nothing like seeing a collection of games lined up. Plus when a game marketplace dies, so do the games on it. It's going to happen when the Wii Shop shuts down. Games that will be lost to time outside of preservation by emulation. I hate that the games industry is moving towards...
  7. Rubad Ubdub

    Favorite console?

    Could never pick just one. Since I like to collect retro games and systems and I'm super into the history of the game industry I like each system for its own reason. However, in terms of the amount of games I like on it, probably either SNES or N64. For nostalgia purposes, both the PS2 and 360...
  8. Rubad Ubdub

    New region?

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure I repressed that lore.
  9. Rubad Ubdub

    Which Generations Have You Played?

    Hard agree. I never plan on "catching them all", especially not at this point.
  10. Rubad Ubdub

    New region?

    Seems like a lot of people are down for a snowy region, and I have to agree. After visiting Alaska and going to towns like Whittier, it would be super dope to see the more untamed, unpopulated side of the Pokemon world, with a lot of industry and small towns and docks. It doesn't even need to...
  11. Rubad Ubdub

    Which Generations Have You Played?

    Played? All of them. Completed? Every gen except 2, unless you count HeartGold as 2, then I haven't completed 4. I've started playing Platinum twice but usually stop a few badges in. Just not a very interesting region imo, though I like a lot of the Pokemon designs. I also own Crystal on 3DS...
  12. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    There's this really fascinating medical procedure that numbs all those pesky, mind racing thoughts called a lobotomy. I'd recommend you bring it up next time you see your doctor.
  13. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    What a great question! Seems like you don't need any help with that. Though you might find a better answer if you said "Why do I ask life's greatest questions?" In fact, why don't you just swan dive straight into that giant existential hellhole our species is teetering around uncomfortably and...
  14. Rubad Ubdub

    You're BANNED! V15

    banned because I have no idea what you're talking about and im too lazy to look at the post history
  15. Rubad Ubdub

    Count as High as Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V12

    16. did all those hiatuses mess with your head a bit?
  16. Rubad Ubdub

    Would the Pokemon anime be successful if each region had it's own protagonist?

    At this point they might as well, as Ash's character development seems to reset every other region. Not only that but previous regions seem to be treated as filler with the exception of anything Kanto related, because god forbid we forget Misty and Brock. The show from the beginning wasn't...
  17. Rubad Ubdub

    Shiny vs Non-Shiny

    Non-Shiny, in my opinion. I think blue fits their design better. Cacturne?
  18. Rubad Ubdub

    Detective Pikachu (The Movie)

    I don't know if I could have posted this in Pokemon General but I played it safe. Also, sorry if this was already discussed, but... The official Detective Pikachu twitter follows Danny DeVito. It could just be for the meme, but it could also mean Daddy DeVito makes a cameo. There's still hope...
  19. Rubad Ubdub

    ✧ Pokémon Hurt n Heal!!!!! ✧ SPHEAL WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Larvitar [12] -1 Sableye [12] Snover [8] -1 @theDINOsaurus The side bar on the front page has latest posts, and the icon of the person who posted. When I click on it, sometimes the person is a few pages behind. Then when I go back to the main page and refresh it it updates the person to who...
  20. Rubad Ubdub

    Let's Go Opinions on Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee?

    The game is as easy or hard as you make it for yourself, but even then you really have to hold yourself back to make it hard. It's very easy. I never really struggled in the newer games. They've gotten easier and easier and I'm not a fan. This is the easiest entry yet. Not only that, but a bunch...