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  1. Rubad Ubdub

    Bad Advice Thread

    Tell me a problem you have or something you need help with and I'll give you terrible advice on how NOT to handle it.
  2. Rubad Ubdub

    Let's Go Pokemon Let's Go! Bootable on Yuzu

    Someone on the Yuzu dev Discord posted images of Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee not only booting up and going to the main menu but actually working in game. Considering the game hasn't actually released yet (it's been dumped online early) and Yuzu is still not perfect yet this is kind of incredible...
  3. Rubad Ubdub

    Smash Bros Legacy XP Netplay?

    Anyone that has Legacy XP on their PC wanna do some Netplay sometime? If not, it's just PM with new characters and stages and comes with its own build of Dolphin. It's pretty litty.
  4. Rubad Ubdub

    Want to hear something disgusting?

    My laptop has a 1050ti, 8gb of DDR4, and an M.2 slot with the OS on it, which is more than enough to run most modern games decently without workstation intensive use. However, some ****** at Dell thought he was being cute and decided to throw in a 7300HQ so I get CPU bottlenecked at every...
  5. Rubad Ubdub

    Hey this is pretty neato

    I think I posted on Azurilland like 5 times? I randomly found a thread from the site through Google and saw it had recently closed so I thought it was a good time for a fresh start. I don't think I've been an active user on a forum since 2013 when I moderated for a DarkRP server so this is...