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  1. twiggysnake

    Monotype Fancy's fabulous monotype Black 2 adventure!

    I'm in the middle of playing Pokemon Black 2 with only water pokemon. I'm on the 4th gym (Elesa), and my team is: Dewott Azumarill Psyduck Eevee (will evolve into Vaporeon) This is not a Nuzlocke, but my rule is that I can catch as many water Pokemon as I want as long as it becomes a water type...
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    Just ask away!
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    I think I'm in the right place, but not entirely sure...

    Hey I'm twiggysnake, formerly stardacat on azurilland, and I was just wondering if I was in the right place. Also, why are all the walkthroughs gone?!
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    I'm kinda bored, so ask away!