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  1. ElPorrito

    Have Many 5IV POKÉMON, 5IV Ditto and GMAX

    Hi all, 5IV POKÉMON DEPARTMENT I can breed you on request these Pokemons, note that you can request also different EV spread (some of them are already breeded and ready to trade). Galarian Farfetch'd, 5IV, Adamant, no HA, 31/31/31/x/31/31, No egg moves Duskull, 5IV, Bold, no HA...
  2. ElPorrito

    Have 5IV ITA/ENG Ditto missing ATT

    Hi all, I have these 2 dittos to trade: 1x ITA 31/x/31/31/31/31 1x ENG 31/x/31/31/31/31 I'm looking for: Ditto, NOT ITA, 31/31/31/x/31/31 Any non ITA Ditto with 4IV and 0 speed IV
  3. ElPorrito

    Want Galarian Corsola (or evos), Sableye, Mimikyu, Drampa, Goomy (or evos). HAVE any Sword exclusives or any other mons to fill yor dex

    Hi All, I'm ElPorrito and i was a quite active member in marriland forum during X&Y period. I need some help to fill my dex entries. In particular i need: Galarian Corsola (or evos) Sableye Mimikyu Drampa Goomy (or evos) Trades completed, thanks to all
  4. ElPorrito

    Have Alola let's go Eevee exclusives, searching Omanyte and Alola let's go Pikachu exclusives

    As I wrote in the title I need some help to master pokedex, so I'm searching for: - Omanyte - Aloloan Sandshrew - Aloloan Grimer I can tradeback your mons when I have registered them in the pokedex I can offer: - Aloloan Vulpix - Aloloan Meowth - Any other Pokémon Let me know if someone want...