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  1. kansas

    Randomizer A Game of Extreme Luck and Chance | kansas' Fire Red Randomizer and Ace of Cards Nuzlocke | Part 1: A Close Call

    hi Looks like I'm doing another challenge with a little twist (yay)! I'll be adding the ace of cards nuzlocke to my challenge, which will make this run probably the hardest one yet. Before I start, I want everyone to vote on which starter I should choose! of course this is moemon don't judge ok
  2. kansas

    *sip* yep

    hi everyone, i'm back!!! after like a pretty long hiatus i finally got back on my feet (somewhat) and i'm pretty happy with how life is going (for now). decided to come back and all like yesterday because i thought: "hey, i miss those marriland fellas.." and now i'm here. happy to see everyone...