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  1. Feather32

    Sword/Shield Opinions on every Pokemon not being Included

    Well I didn't see another thread like this so here we go. With it confirmed that only Pokemon in the Galar regional Pokedex will be able to be in the games I was wondering what everybody thought of this. I personally find it a point to say I'm not going to be buying these games. Since Pokemon...
  2. Feather32

    Nuzlocke Randomizer Seeing It Through (Pokemon Sun Randomizer)

    Trying a new Randomizer challenge I wiped on my OmegaRuby and lost interest in my Scramble so hopefully I'll keep to this one. Doing this one as 'journal' entries to make it more fun. Things Randomized: -Trainer Pokemon -Static Pokemon -Gift Pokemon -Encounters -Starter Pokemon -Poke Marts...
  3. Feather32

    Randomizer Everything's All Right (Omega Ruby Randomizer-Badge One Complete)

    Well I failed my last locke so why not see how bad my luck is at this? 1-All Standard Nuzlocke Rules Will Apply. 2-Starters, Encounters, Trainers, and Gyms will all be Randomized as well as Static Encounters (Gifts, Legendaries, etc.) 3-Should I randomize evolutions? (Y/N?-Will Depend on...
  4. Feather32

    Scramble Silver Lining (Soulsilver Scramble-Badge 2))

    Well since I haven't done a Scramble in a long time why not start one now and on a game I haven't played in a long while. So the Pokemon I have been given for this challenge. 1-Slowbro 2-Fortress 3-Jumpluff 4-Quagsire 5-Ninetails 6-Jinx I won't be able to get my first member until after...
  5. Feather32

    Wonderlocke Midnight Madness (UM-Failed )

    Well it's been a long time since I've done a challenge run and why not start with one of my favorites for the 3DS? First the rules. 1. All of the rules in a Nuzlocke apply. If your Pokemon faints it's dead, you can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter, etc. 2. As soon as you catch a new...
  6. Feather32


    Hi everybody I was on the old forums as scififan21, but glad to hang around these new forums. I have two lovely sons 2 and 1 month and a loving husband that I've been with for 13 years now. :)