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    Not Accepting Started Mystwind Highschool

    Rei was a bit surprised when Arya talked to him. He was spacing out, and that rushed him back to reality. He had missed what she had said, but he could see she was worried for him from her face. "I'm fine, I'm... uhh... not really good with people... I don't really know..." He mumbled out. Most...
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    Not Accepting Started Mystwind Highschool

    Rei had slowly realized that he was getting slowly pushed out of the conversation. He was fine with it, but after he had tried so hard to work up the courage to talk to Arya, he felt a bit disappointed. He never was the one to speak up if he had something to say, and even then he knew that...
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    What kind of Pusheen are you?

    I don't really agree with this (I have like zero confidence), but it kind of describes me in that I can get protective over things I love.
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    The Dragon Shrine ~ The Grand Opening

    I'm on break at work right now. We just broke our max attendance record.
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    Pokemon Showdown ZU Tourney

    Lost 2-0 to Moxie.
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    EIM Roles and Actions thread

    /roleblock qwertyuiop /shoot Mac n Crepes
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    ZU Showdown Tourney

    So I don't claim to be an expert teambuilder, but this is something I quickly put together.
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    EIM Roles and Actions thread

    u are MAFIA ROLEBLOCKER Mafia Roleblocker - Can choose 1 person to roleblock. This person cannot use their role for that night. /roleblock [alias] to use role /shoot to shoot
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    EIM Signup Thread

    My alias is Camille
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    Pokemon Showdown ZU Tourney

    Showdown Username- ShadowedEevee Timezone and Availability- EST, free all day Tuesday and Wednesday, Sunday available after 4:30 pm, available before 1 pm on Friday, available after 8:30 pm on Saturday
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    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? EST -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? Depends on the day, at least 30 minutes a day -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the computer)? Yes -Do you own Smash Ultimate? No -Do you own...
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    Spicy Foods!!

    I can handle some spicy things, but not all of them. It really depends on the food and if the spiciness hides the other flavors. I can handle it if it compliments other flavors in the food.
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    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    If Eevee isn't in the game, guess I have to change my name.
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    I joined May 28, 2013. It's hard to believe I joined 6 years ago.
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    New theme, new me :coolazurill:

    New theme, new me :coolazurill:
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    Discussion Remembrance [Past Roleplays]

    The roleplaying section on the old site was basically my home. I remember staying up at night with my Kindle Fire and waiting for someone else to post. I was terrible, my first couple roleplays I only had dialogue, with minimal or no description. I'm a lot better now, but man, I look back at my...
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    Not Accepting Started Mystwind Highschool

    Rei was frightened when Arya introduced Kat. I don't think I could pull an encore performance of my introduction. His mind raced, his palms sweated, and fear consumed him. He never thought what would happen if another person entered the equation, it was another unpredictable varible in his mind...
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    Not Accepting Started Mystwind Highschool

    Red internally rejoiced at Arya's response. His racing mind wouldn't stop him from making friends. Marking his insignificant victory, he nodded and agreed with her. "Yeah... it is getting colder... I don't really go outside much." He stopped and rethought his last sentence. "I do go outside, so...
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    Tournament Little Cup Tournament!

    I'm ShadowedEevee on Showdown and my timezone is EST