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  1. Slix

    Tetris 99!

    Yesterday Nintendo had their Nintendo Direct, and they announced lots of new games. One of these was Tetris 99, a "battle royale" game where you're pitted against 98 other Tetris players and compete for first place! It's a free game for those with Switch Online, which I don't have yet, but I've...
  2. Slix

    Preview Signature

    Is there a way to allow us to preview our signature before saving it? It's kind of tedious to save it, then go to a page where our signature is, refresh it, and then if it's not good, go edit our signature again. Thanks! :D
  3. Slix

    Rate the Pokémon Above You! V.3

    I created the first one of these back in November of 2008 (!), so here's Version 3. Simply rate the Pokémon above you, and give a reason why! Then, give a new Pokémon to rate. Example: Person 1: Bidoof? Person 2: 8/10, I love the memes with Bidoof! Cyndaquil? I'll start: Marill!
  4. Slix

    Ahh... Home again.

    Hey everyone. I'm Slix, and I've been a Marriland/Azurilland Forums member for nearly 11 years now. Good to be here. :D