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  1. LinkTFox

    Accepting Not Started Hells creations

    -Time zone - Medieval -People in the RP- Me, The crackling of the fire as a pokemon mixes a brew together to make it one of the strongest alive soothed the cabin of past test experiments that were covered in illness and corruption. Some plagued with lumps all around their body's like toads...
  2. LinkTFox

    A wild person appeared! . . . . It's the same pokemon as the last grass patch you touched.

    Hey! It's LinkTFox. I was on the last site with a different? name. Most may not know but some may be like "oh that idiot" i'm apart of another pokemon fourm so they may know my other name Link_The_Fox. I don't play pokemon often but I can create stories and role plays around them. About me...