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  1. SarasaKat

    IVs and Accessibility

    If this is the wrong place to put it then smh @ self it's probably regular pokemon but oh well whomst know So my friends and I were discussing competitive, and as a disclaimer, none of us are competitive battlers by any definition. But we were talking about how much of a grind it takes to get...
  2. SarasaKat

    Thanks, everyone

    It's been quite the week. Lot of insane stuff. I know you guys have been working real hard to get as far as we did. Some of us were busy, we had lives, and that's okay. We gave this our all. So I want you guys to know, no matter what that scoreboard says at the end. We won. The point of camp...
  3. SarasaKat

    Flag Voting

    Whenever you guys get done with your flag, in addition to submitting it in thread, it'd be great if you guys could put it in here too! At 5PM EST, I'll start the voting process, and a flag will be chosen by 11PM EST. Flags MUST have dimensions of 300 x 150 px. You may use any art medium to...
  4. SarasaKat

    Super Hero/Villain Discussion Thread

    :vessev: Ik yall have legit ideas but the one my tired ass brain is coming up with is a boi who can summon little mini clowns and rush down opponents like that. More of a meme idea than legit tho lmfao
  5. SarasaKat

    Cabin Name!

    Aight bois Who we wanna be
  6. SarasaKat

    Everyone Is Mafia Discussion

    Link to Arena Thread We're looking to have at least four people involved in this. Anyone down? I'm definitely willing to give up my spot if there's enough interest, but I'm putting down for the record that I am interested in being apart of this. Signups Calaf (The Salty Spitoon) Mafia...
  7. SarasaKat

    Wacky Dungeon Battle Royal Discussion

    Link to Arena Thread Does anyone want to head this up? Also, what perks should we take right off the bat? Signups: [Giovanni] Rainbow Rocket Grunt - Reach [Bob] Rithvik - Tank
  8. SarasaKat


    Hey yall Who's pulling cryptid hours
  9. SarasaKat

    Oh the places you'll go

    Most of us are either at an age where you're first thinking about getting a job, at an age where you're specializing in a career field, or you're in one already. Considering so much of our lives are going to be oriented around what we do in working hours, what kind of jobs have you done in the...
  10. SarasaKat

    Bulletin Board

    First thing's first - here's the point participation sheet! This year, I don't think participation itself is as important? If there are "submit and done" participation points to be had, then please do those. But other than that, focus on what you want to. Having a spotty colorization on...
  11. SarasaKat

    \o/ Hey Cabin 4 \o/

    Hey guys! Count yourselves lucky - you just rolled yourself into the best cabin :winkazurill: For those of y'all who don't know, Cabin 4 here has a little bit of a history. See, back when Smash Camp was first a thing, Cabin 4 won literally every camp. They were led by the same person for all of...
  12. SarasaKat

    Campfire Stormdale

    Hello this is campfire check out main thread first thanks uwu Rules ✴ All Marriland rules and RP rules apply. ✴ There are no length requirements to the forms, but I will be strictly reviewing them. ✴ Apps must be posted in the Campfire. PM me with any questions! ✴ You are allowed to try again...
  13. SarasaKat

    Started The Winds of Stormdale A sister RP to Springtime in Autumnfire Campfire: [x] Five years ago, the Demon Lord declared war on the Azure Kingdom. The king responded by not giving a response at all, effectively challenging the Demon Lord to do his worst. Soldiers and mages across the nation...
  14. SarasaKat


    Let's talk sleep. How much sleep do you guys tend to get every night? Is it enough for you? Do you take naps during the day? And what are your dreams like, if you have any?
  15. SarasaKat

    If you were a Pokemon...

    There's a link that's been circulating through Discord as of late ( where you put in your username and it spits out stats, but this got me thinking: what if each of us tailored pokemon to ourselves? If you were a Pokemon, based on your personality and such...
  16. SarasaKat

    Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer (Version Cookie)

    Next verse same as the first (or previous, or whatever's going on with previous versions of this thread)! The game itself is prety self explanatory. Person 1 asks a stupid question, person 2 gives a stupid answer AND asks a stupid question as well. ---------------- Why am I in the Antarctic...
  17. SarasaKat


    Mine as well get one of these bad boys started! I'll answer pretty much any reasonable question you got for me, including honest opinions, but I retain the right to reject answering a question if it's something I don't feel comfortable with (or more likely because it's long and I'm one lazy...