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  1. SAF

    Ctrl+V Game V3

    (Had to be spoiler'd because it might be a huge pic)
  2. SAF

    Count As High As Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V13

    4. *sighs in annoyance*
  3. SAF

    Count As High As Possible Before a Mod/Admin Posts V13

    7. New thread already? :nanihmmazurill:
  4. SAF

    It's Super Effective!

    Sure, :chatot:'s Chatter annoyed :ludicolo: big time, but it also annoyed a random :pikachu: passing by. So :pikachu: decided to shut :chatot: up with a Thunderbolt.
  5. SAF

    Help, I can't get Uproar Forest in PMD Blue Rescue Team no matter how many missions I do.

    Have you cleared Mt. Freeze before doing those (at least) three missions? It's a part of the story, there's no way you can miss it. Also, should've this kind of thing gone to Other Pokemon Games subforum? :thonkazurill:
  6. SAF

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, just not in the way normal cats go downstairs; yours will outright jump from the upper floor every time they go downstairs. Knowing cats though, I'm sure they gonna survive the fall most of the time. I wish for a lot of me-times.
  7. SAF

    Pointless Warnings

    (spoiler'd because it's rather... dark) Mettaur
  8. SAF

    Shaun the Sheep - A Pokemon Sword Challenge

    Shaun :wooloo:, Timmy :wooloo:, Bitzer :yamper:, Pidsley :galarianmeowth:... Who gonna fill in the last two slots?
  9. SAF

    Monotype Stardust Crusaders: A Pokemon Soul Silver Bug Monotype

    Meanwhile, me: hoping for Eyelander :heracross: to solo Whitney big time.
  10. SAF

    Marriland Team Builder Is Now LIVE

    I believe all of the forms you're talking about share the same type between each other, so adding more icons for them would be somewhat redundant (though Eternal Floette :floetteeternal: does have its own icon because it has something no other Floette :floette: have). And for things like mega...
  11. SAF

    The Official Scramble Thread

    @TheHumanCleric I'd love to give you :alakazam:, but since you said you can't trade, how about using :kadabra: instead?
  12. SAF

    The Official Scramble Thread

    @Vivid Stardust To be honest, I actually wanna see :vulpix: line in action, so how about using :vulpix: in Silver and :ninetales: in Blue?
  13. SAF

    It's Super Effective!

    However, the :blastoise: gotten tripped by a Grass Knot randomly set up by a nearby :smoochum:.
  14. SAF

    Last Letter, First Letter v4

    :audino: what I'm thinking about tho. :hmmazurill:
  15. SAF

    Soaring Sid has landed in Marriland!

    Ah, Soaring Sid, welcome! Glad to have you over here. :mrgreenazurill:
  16. SAF

    Odd Pokémon Out

    :salamence: for not being an evolution of any local birds. :runerigus: :cursola: :sirfetchd:
  17. SAF

    Would You Hug a Snorlax?

    If only I could avoid those spikes while hugging the :turtonator:... How about, uh, :diggersby:?
  18. SAF

    It's Super Defective! (not to be confused with "It's Super Effective!")

    And then there's this :lapras: who wants to throw an Ice Shard on the :applin: but ends up using Water Gun instead. Weird :lapras: indeed.
  19. SAF

    It's Super Effective!

    However, another :crabominable: unleashes a Power-Up Punch to the first one because it's gotten real mad for whatever reasons.