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  1. SAF

    It's Super Defective! (not to be confused with "It's Super Effective!")

    So we already have this thread called "It's Super Effective!". Let's flip it here. :thisisfineazurill: The rules are basically similar to the other thread: one poster mention a Pokemon and the next one use a move on it. However, instead of super effective moves, you can only use a move that is...
  2. SAF

    The Pokemon Masters Friend Code Thread

    Pokemon Masters: Friend Codes Credit for this picture goes to the official Pokemon website Hello there, folks. Now that Pokemon Masters has been out for quite some time, we might as well share our friend codes to add each other as friends. What for? To prepare for co-op battles. It will be...
  3. SAF

    Dear iPhone owners...

    Have any of you ever installed .ipa files into your iPhone? If yes, how did you do that? I kinda need a help here. :thonkazurill:
  4. SAF

    Animation vs Pokemon (SoulSilver) Challenge (Checkpoint: Whitney)

    Hey there, folks. Welcome to yet another one of my challenges. Unlike most of my challenges which are string sextet-themed, this one is based on this video titled Animation vs Pokemon by Alan Becker. It's about the adventure of an orange stick figure (a.k.a. The Second Coming / TSC) in Johto...
  5. SAF

    Who's that Pokemon?

    Okay, this is basically like the anime's "Who's that Pokemon" section but with descriptions instead of silhouettes. You describe a Pokemon, then the next person will guess it. Here's an example: That being said, let's start with a warning: Don't you dare to see whatever under its rag. You'll be...
  6. SAF

    Nuzlocke The Double Team Adventures ~ SAF and Pendraflare's ORAS String Hexalocke (Checkpoint: OR-Roxanne / AS-Wattson)

    Hello again, people. I know that we, @Pendraflare and SAF, have our own ongoing challenges (Ultra Moon Wonderlocke and Black Time Warp for him, Ultra Sun String Hexalocke and Platinum Scramble for me), but please allow us to present our String Hexalocke adventure in Hoenn. That's right, we're...
  7. SAF

    Scramble When a String Sextet Scrambles through Sinnoh ~ Pokemon Platinum Scramble (Checkpoint: Crasher Wake)

    Hello again, people. I know I still have another challenge here, but I've been wanting to do a scramble challenge in Platinum. Since I'm going to bring up the string sextet theme (again), this will be like a String Hexalocke without the "broken instrument" rule (a.k.a. death rule in the regular...
  8. SAF

    Nuzlocke Scramble From Light Fang to Alola ~ Pokemon Ultra Sun String Hexalocke + Episode RR Scramble (Bonus Chapter 1)

    Uh, um, hello there. SAF here is going to do her first documented Nuzlocke challenge. However, this won't be a vanilla Nuzlocke because she has decided to make this a String Hexalocke (see the general rules here, the detailed one for this playthrough will be in the story's intro). Okay, please...
  9. SAF

    Go ahead and ask SAF stuffs

    Hi there, people. Since this is AMA, you all know the drill. In case you don't, go ahead and ask me stuffs, 'kay? :wink:
  10. SAF

    Which type(s) do you think is/are underrated?

    Um, guys, hello there. I'm here to ask you all for your opinions. As you may already have seen in the title, which type(s) do you think is/are underrated? Please cast your votes and tell me why you choose them. Thank you. :happy:
  11. SAF

    Uh, um, hello there

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/night people. A newbie by the name of SaniAnisa here (I forgot the capitalization in my username, though), but just call me Sania or SAF if you prefer my screen name instead. I was in Azurilland for only several days before all of us moved here. Speaking of...