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  1. SpanishAdam

    Nuzlocke Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Modlocke!

    Well, I've started a new Nuzlocke, and this time it is both recorded and with commentary! Yay! This is a Modifier Locke, or Modlocke. It is a Nuzlocke variant I put together to provide more challenge to what would otherwise be a pretty easy challenge. How does it differ? Well, Let's Go (pun...
  2. SpanishAdam

    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu! Blind Nuzlocke!

    Hey everyone, I'm back for a new Nuzlocke challenge! This time I will be going through the new Pokemon game blind and attempting to beat it using Nuzlocke rules. LGP will be very different to a regular Nuzlocke due to how the game works (due to varying mechanics, restrictions, etc), so I have...