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  1. BreeZaps


    Hello! I am wondering what your guys opinion is on Hytale. I am wondering as I am from Hypixel (more or less the volunteer team on the minecraft server) and I love to hear other peoples thoughts on the trailer and what they hope and dream about the game being. :) Even things you don't like haha...
  2. BreeZaps

    The Books Warrior Cats!

    Who here enjoys reading Warrior Cats? I do! There will be a new book released soon and I can't wait! :D
  3. BreeZaps

    BreeZaps coming in!

    Hello! My name is BreeZaps. I have been watching Marriland for many years. On his YouTube and his Twitch. He is a great man! When I am not busy my hobbys are playing Pokemon, shiny hunting, playing on Hypixel a MC server (yes im Helper there if u notice but not too important), messing with my...