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    Sword/Shield Opinions on every Pokemon not being Included

    at first I was massively disappointed... still am pretty disappointed, actually. but then I reflected on exactly why I feel like, as much as I liked SM/USUM, that a lot of the regional Pokemon seemed forgettable to me. because I didn't spend a whole lot of time with them, I wasn't able to...
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    Sword/Shield What version are you getting?

    Undecided, but slowly leaning Shield. But I'm waiting to see the full list of version exclusives, first.
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    Spicy Foods!!

    mild spiciness and that's just about it. anything past that is a definite no.
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    Typing Speed Test~

    I can probably do better but this is it for now.
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    B u c k e t Lists

    travel and work somewhere in the tech industry are the big ones i'll just go with the flow with wherever life takes me after that
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    Sword/Shield Spoiler Pokémon Sword and Shield - Leaks and Speculation Thread

    Perhaps this is just me, but I'm unsure if we're going to get a big segment dedicated towards SwSh even at E3. Keep in mind that Nintendo has their own first-party titles to promote, too, alongside indies titles. I'm not sure how much of a timeslot is going to be dedicated to SwSh with all of...
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    Sword/Shield Which starter do you like most?

    Grookey fan here!! Although honestly just kinda hoping all three evolve into something nice and not have appalling designs.
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    poll: Favourite starter EVER?

    Bulbasaur will forever be my favourite starter. ♥ It's such a shame it hasn't seen much love in this poll, though. :c
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    What's Your favorite playable character design?

    To this day, I still don't think anything tops Brendan's character design in Pokemon Emerald for the male protags. For the female protags, probably Dawn.
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    Favourite Mega Evolution

    I would actually catch a Mawile purely just to Mega Evolve it and that's how much I love its Mega Evolved form. It's my absolute favourite one. n.n Mega Altaria is a very close second!
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    If you were in Pokémon, what trainer class you would be?

    Aroma Lady because of my fondness for Grass types.
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    Shiny Hunters! What's your favorite way to catch shinies?

    I've had far more success with SOS Chaining shinies than any other method in previous generations, so I'm more partial towards that. For me, the biggest downside is that it's incredibly boring, but that's just something I've learned to put up with.
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    My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!

    my eyesight is pretty uh less than ok for the most part to the point where I do need glasses/contacts and have needed them for years but honestly as long as I'm sitting close or within close proximity to whatever I need to see anyway, I'm fine getting contacts is a super long-term thing that's...
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    What animal do you identify with?

    red pandas for the cuteness factor although tbh i probably more closely identify with wolves
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    The opposite of self-confidence

    I'm way too sensitive to a fault and get anxiety breakdowns too easily over things other people would consider very minor.
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    What is the last thing you bought?

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    Gen 7 Giveaway Shiny Pokemon Giveaway ♡

    @Bunnie FC is 2148-9378-7925 ^_^ IGN is Angel. edit: ty so much bunnie ^_^
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    Gen 7 Giveaway Shiny Pokemon Giveaway ♡

    hi can i take shiny petilil please :O
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    What is the last thing you bought?

    - Black 2 - a new 3DS bc mine was terrible - pizza
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    The -=OFFICIAL=- Marriland Chatterbox Topic V. 54!

    I'd rather avoid the hospital if I can help it. Too afraid of that place. ... Plus, medical bills.