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  1. HungryPiplup

    Sword/Shield Using Legendaries in the Story Run

    Just wondering how many of you tend to use legendaries in your story run. Once you get the legendary Pokémon of the game do you tend to use it in your team? Bring it to the Elite four? Or depositing it?
  2. HungryPiplup

    Sword/Shield Spoiler Pokémon Sword and Shield confirmed version exclusives

    Poké has confirmed : Pokémon Sword will have :jangmoo: and :deino: while Pokemon Shield will have :larvitar: and :goomy: So.. who will you pick? Does this help you make your choice if what to choose or does it make it worse?
  3. HungryPiplup

    Hello I’m a newcomer!

    Hello everyone! I really like to talk on forums especially Pokémon and so I was looking for a new place to talk. I also like to play forum games and I draw Pokémon and other things. Hope to have fun here!