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  1. Franciscosta

    The cool bros thread

    This thread can only be seen by people that are cool and also bros. How are you doing cool bros.
  2. Franciscosta

    Join Team Aqua today!

    Ever wanted to expand the seas against any type of common sense and very clearly bringing the end of the world as we know it through a clearly evil but ultimately misguided attempt to save the human race? Or maybe awakening an dangerous ancient Pokémon and attempt to control it, ultimately...
  3. Franciscosta

    Marriland Forums Ambidex Showdown [The end]

    MARRILAND FORUMS AMBIDEX SHOWDOWN The game of trust versus betrayal! Welcome to the Marriland Forums Ambidex Showdown! This game was heavily inspired by the Ambidex Game from Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward (which in turn was inspired by the Prisoner's Dilemma), with some tweaks to serve as a...