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  1. Vigilance

    vig's dank sigs

    Yo so I make sigs in my free time every once in a while. Here are some commissions I did as of recent. more to come, CnC is welcome
  2. Vigilance

    User Input Posts shouldn't count in the Forums Games section

    It's pretty standard practice to not count posts in the forums' game section due to the fact that counting games and other games (spammy) in nature have a tendency to inflate the users' post count. I think it'd be nice to have that here since post count technically is something that is amassed...
  3. Vigilance

    Sports Premier League 2019-2019

    If you're a huge follower of the English Premier league, that's awesome! I follow it all the time and spend my weekends religiously watching it! Thoughts so far? Stand out players? Title predictions? Who's getting relegated? Let us know below!
  4. Vigilance

    Using our Mouse vs a Trackpad?

    I think predominantly people use their trackpads on their laptops (which baffles me) but I use my mouse mainly. It's nothing expensive or fancy but it's nice and is made so that when you click, you can't hear a click sound which is super useful at night in my dorm. Which do you guys prefer and...
  5. Vigilance

    Video Game Recommendations Thread

    Thought this would be a nice way to recommend video games to other Marriland users. Currently would recommend Red Dead Redemption 2. It's a really neat game with high quality graphics and a great potential for exploration. It's a western/cowboy type game and has a lot of fighting among other...
  6. Vigilance

    Apple AirPods: To Buy or Not to Buy? So these bad boys will run you $159 (or more) but A LOT of people seem to have them as of late. I, myself, am considering buying some and am debating whether to buy them outright, buy them with a new iPhone or not buy them at all and buy some...
  7. Vigilance

    Discussing Apple

    So on one hand you have Apple which is a conglomerate mammoth. I believe aside from releasing the latest iPhones, they put out a new Mini Mac, new Macbook Air, and a new iPad Pro. What are your thoughts on them? Do you like their products? Are they too dang expensive? And if you don't like...
  8. Vigilance

    A big thanks to everyone involved in the site set up

    This might be able to go in the staff feedback thread but since it was more than just staff involved, I thought why not make a mega thread. Just a thanks to everyone involved in setting up the new xenforo site and being so efficient in switching over and all. It's a really really hard ask (trust...
  9. Vigilance

    User Input Posting time-out

    So I ran into a posting time-out that forces you to wait what I believe is 10 seconds. I'm personally against this cause I like to open a handful of threads and reply to all of them in one swoop among other things and it seems quite arbitrary that there would be a cooling period for a new site...
  10. Vigilance

    *A Wild Vig Appeared!*

    Heya everyone! I'm Vigilance (I go by Vig though) and I'm super excited to be with ya'll. Been lurking around the old forums for a while now and was in contact with Thunda and everyone when I heard about the switch to Xenforo! It's neat that we're curse-free and this new forum is looking heccin...