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  1. Grunt Beavie

    Sports The Wrestling Discussion Thread

    Marriland's Wrestling Discussion! (Note: Steel chair shots are not allowed unless the ref isn't looking) (picture found on "Know your meme") As there are multiple Wrestling fans here, might as well create a little place to talk about the wacky world of Professional Wrestling. Here, you can...
  2. Grunt Beavie

    Sword/Shield Spoiler First Batch of New Pokemon: Who are your Favs?

    The Pokemon Direct just dropped earlier today and while we learned about various features of the game, we also got a small taste of some of the new pokemon aside from the starters. This also includes the box legendaries. Overall, I like all of them in their own ways, but which ones of these do...
  3. Grunt Beavie

    Team Rainbow Rocket Appreciation Thread

    This thread is dedicated to praising Team Rainbow Rocket members. Praise the last Grunt or admin to post or if a Twerp who prays for their Pokemon's safety posts before you, just praise the team in general. If you dare speak the name of Team Rainbow Rocket in vein, we shall send the Rattata...
  4. Grunt Beavie

    Ask Beavie (Almost) Anything

    I'm new here, sooo here ya go.
  5. Grunt Beavie

    Beavie here

    Please forgive me because I am typing on my phone late at night but here we go! Hey everyone at Marriland, Beavie here, and I'm a Pokemon fan hailing from the great land of Canada, eh? I became a pokemon fan in generation 3 with the FireRed/LeafGreen games and the core Gen 3 games and aside...