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  1. Pikampy

    Just caught a shuckle with a masterball

    :shuckle: SHUCKLE :shuckle:
  2. Pikampy

    My Pokémon games tierlist

    I dont fully agree but I see where you coming from but I do think a pokémon game is outirght bad is the orignal RBG but your opinion
  3. Pikampy

    you can transfer it

    you can transfer it
  4. Pikampy

    My Pokémon games tierlist

    Can you explain why DP at the bottom
  5. Pikampy

    Bw best game in series change my mind

    Bw best game in series change my mind
  6. Pikampy

    Pokemon Z improved teams

    This is more like Making Pokémon X&Y hard I like it
  7. Pikampy

    What Are You Currently Playing? V3

    Playing FF7 in switch,pretty fun would recommend. You need alot of free time tho
  8. Pikampy

    Sword/Shield Opinions on every Pokemon not being Included

    Tho I heard a rumor they can add patches adding new Pokémons to the dex so that's a hope
  9. Pikampy

    My Pokémon games tierlist

    PS:Remakes will not be included S BW/BW2 - DPP A RSE - GSC B SM/USUM C X&Y D RBY Reasoning - Lets start bottom to top. RBY - I played about 2/3 of it and...Its bad...Really bad to ok. The pokémons feel boring and lazy,new Pokémon Bull with two more tails...And let's make Over Powered. The...
  10. Pikampy

    Hello!I'm Pikampy

    I'm a fellow casual player but when i'm bored I can try any type of playstyle,for example from time to time I try shiny hunting in pokémon crystal or try a competitive team to beat the battle subway in pokémon white
  11. Pikampy


  12. Pikampy


  13. Pikampy

    That Game from Your Childhood

    Takes a deep breath You monster
  14. Pikampy

    looks at shiny celebi hunt Maybe

    looks at shiny celebi hunt Maybe
  15. Pikampy

    Buizel is the best... Change my mind

    Buizel is the best... Change my mind
  16. Pikampy

    ➟ What Is Your Favorite Pokémon

    As we all know buizel is a water type Pokémon introduced in DPP :buizel: It's my favorite Pokémon and in my OPINION the best Let's start :buizel: Buizel has an iconic desing and name You get it early on so it could be easily engraved in your memory buizel is cute...Just look at it And last...
  17. Pikampy

    Easily Jasmine it was waaay to easy

    Easily Jasmine it was waaay to easy
  18. Pikampy

    Hello!I'm Pikampy

    Howdy,Im pikampy and new to this forum So let me introduce my self, What's your favorite Pokémon? My favorite Pokémon is Buizel followed by Lopunny and Weavile Whats your favorite Pokémon game My favorite Pokémpn game is BW and GSC What's your favorite type? My favorite type is ice type...