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  1. Vivid Stardust

    Nuzlocke Like An Animal Circus ~ Vivid’s Mammal Biological Class Challenge + Nuzlocke

    ...Look, I’m just really in the mood to do a challenge on a Unova game because I’ve started reading Pendra’s Pirate Age Time Warp and Manic’s Paint It Black. I’ve been thinking about doing a combination challenge, and this is what I’ve got! Here are the rules: And now, a brief prologue: I...
  2. Vivid Stardust

    Scramble Take Care ~ Vivid's Unevolved Silver Scramble

    Hello, everyone! I was sorta inspired to do this because of Solar's old "Camp Littleroot" challenge, and "Take Care" is an unevolved scramble! Here's the rules for scrambles and unevolved runs: I'm going to try to do stories for my scrambles, so they'll update a bit more slowly compared to...
  3. Vivid Stardust

    Scramble Feeling Blue ~ Vivid's Blue Scramble

    Hey friends! It's time to start my scrambles! This one is "Feeling Blue," which is a normal scramble. It's been a while since I've done one of these, and I figured that since it's been a while since I've done a challenge, I figured I would start simple! Here are the rules, copied from the...
  4. Vivid Stardust

    Nuzlocke Back to Basics ~ Vivid’s Sun Nuzlocke

    “Vivid, I thought you were going to do two scrambles?” I am, but I’m missing a Pokémon for both, and I feel like blundering through a Nuzlocke right now. Welcome to “Back to Basics”. I always thought I would do this on Pearl, but I feel like playing Sun, so we’re playing Sun. Also, I’m tired...
  5. Vivid Stardust

    Nuzlocke [Failed] Go For The Golden Mean! A Pokémon Gold Ancient Greece Time Warp and Nuzlocke Challenge

    Welcome to Go For The Golden Mean! I’m your nerdy host, Vivid Stardust, and we are here to tell the story of Aristotle and his rival, Plato! I’m only half-joking. Those are the names I’ll be using for the characters. I’m going to be using the naming theme of philosophers and people who wrote...
  6. Vivid Stardust

    It’s Not Bad For You If It Helps You Cope With Your Mental Health Issues! - A Casual Playthrough Of Ultra Sun

    Hello, everyone! Vivid here, and I’m posting in a new color! (Nah, I’m only posting in orange for this playthrough. I’m posting in my normal color everywhere else.) So recently, I’ve realized that playing video games gets my mind off of things helps me cope with my mental health issues. (Except...
  7. Vivid Stardust

    Scramble Cherry Blossom Melancholy ~ An Omega Ruby Themed Scramble ~

    ~ I should be happy and yet I'm not. Why is that? ~ Welcome to Cherry Blossom Melancholy, my Omega Ruby Scramble! A scramble is a challenge where other people choose six Pokemon for you to use for the whole run! I also chose to make this a themed scramble based on the idea of "cherry blossom...
  8. Vivid Stardust

    What Are Some Playthroughs That You Enjoyed Reading/Watching? (Challenges or Casual)

    I finished ErynCerise’s Orderlocke series recently, and I’ve been looking for new series to watch/listen to. I’m sure some of y’all have playthroughs you really enjoyed, so I figured I would make a thread for sharing our favorites! You can also link written or comic runs of Pokémon games, and...
  9. Vivid Stardust

    Ask Vivid/Apollo Anything! (Vivid Stardust’s AMA)

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to do this, but it should be interesting! Some Guidelines: - Do not ask my age, where I’m from, what college I go to, or anything too personal. I don’t feel comfortable answering those kinds of questions. - I don’t mind answering questions about things...
  10. Vivid Stardust

    Nuzlocke “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” - A Black 2 Idolocke and Dicelocke [Attempt 2!]

    I said I was going to do this challenge, and I intend to keep that promise. Welcome, one and all, to “I Won’t Wait For Someday!” — a Black 2 Idolocke and Dicelocke! “Wait, on Azurilland, you said you were going to do this on Ultra Sun! Why the change?” Well, I’ve been watching ErynCerise’s...
  11. Vivid Stardust

    Hello again!

    Hello everyone! I’m Vivid Stardust! You can call me Vivid or Apollo! On the old Azurilland forums, I went by TruthintheAppleFields, so if you know me from there, hi again! I’ve been into Pokémon since Gen 4, but I grew up with the Gen 5 games! I’ve attempted several nuzlockes in the past, but I...