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  1. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Free Gold Bottle Cap Mystery Gift!

    Mystery Gift Code is "PC2FINALSSTREAM" Not sure how long it runs for, but still, it's a free Gold Bottle Cap! https://nintendosoup.com/gold-bottle-cap-mystery-gift-code-event-now-live-for-pokemon-sword-shield/amp/
  2. Anthrix

    VGC Battle Spot YouTuber List

    I thought this would be a good idea - Competitive Pokémon is finally becoming mainstream (thanks to how easy it is to record battles, gone are they days of wedging a webcam over your DS screen...!), so here's a list of good people to watch and learn VGC from. Feel free to post anyone else and...
  3. Anthrix

    Gen 8 VGC Battle Spot Brutal Sun (Series 7 Sun Hyper Offence)

    This was meant to be a video, but Youtube videos are hard... I will get there though. I've spent much of today playing around with this team, because I want to get to Master Ball before the end of the month (I'm Ultra Ball 10 right now!), and I want to produce a series showcasing team...
  4. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield What is the quickest way to get experience in Sword / Shield?

    Basically, I'm running low on Exp. Candy XL, which has been my go to method for training Pokemon the last 30 levels. But where I've been breeding more imperfect special attackers and training lots of legendaries, I'm running low. I usually battle Avery, Mustard and Peony each day, which...
  5. Anthrix

    VGC Battle Spot Let Me Build You A Rental Team! [Group Teambuilding]

    Sword and Shield is probably the best generation to get into competitive battling. There's a ranked ladder, Bottle Caps and Mints to make your legendaries actually usable, and it's a relatively simple set of mechanics that don't make you decide whether to hit Altaria with a Dragon move or not...
  6. Anthrix

    Gen 8 VGC Battle Spot Series 7 Rental teams!

    Series 7 is here! Found a list of teams from metagamevgc, who have put together a super list of what streamers and pros are using right now. https://www.metagamevgc.com/team-compendium/2020/10/27/vgc-2021-sword-and-shield-team-compendium I'll post more as I find them as well :).
  7. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Ability Patch Bug - DO NOT USE ON TRANSFERRED POKÉMON FROM GEN 3 AND GEN 4!

    Wolfey is a great content creator, and I thought it would be a very important thing to highlight to people. While no one yet knows why it happens, it appears that any Pokémon that originated from Gen 3 (Ruby Sapphire Emerald FireRed LeafGreen Colosseum GaleOfDarkness) and Gen 4 (Diamond Pearl...
  8. Anthrix

    Wolfey's Tips To Laddering

    I thought I would share this, as it had some very useful advice for playing any competitive ladder, be it OU, VGC, heck, even another game. Somethings I would add that have helped me too: - Play games! If you're stuck, find a rental team and play it. Still stuck? Message me and I'll find...
  9. Anthrix

    Advertising the forums on Youtube

    One of things I would have loved to have done all them years ago was to have a Youtube channel, but the limitations of technology back them meant it was kinda hard to record games on the DS. I now, however, have a Capture Card, and it works really good for slower games, like Pokémon. So I'm...
  10. Anthrix

    RMT Gen 8 VGC A COALOSSOL VICTORY (VGC Series 6 /Season 10 RMT)

    Its a cheesy team strat, but after being a bit tilted at the end of season 6, decided to just chuck a good old fashioned Coalossal team together. I'm having a lot of fun with it, maybe go and try it out on the ladder as well! [EDIT 09/10/2020] - Reached Master Ball Tier, initially ranked at...
  11. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Get Ash's Pikachu wearing a Hat Via Mystery Gift!

    I'll post the codes later as they come up, but reference link here as a placeholder! You have until November 30th to claim these, so get them as soon as they come up! Codes: Pikachu Ash Cap: P1KACHUGET Pikachu Partner Cap: 1CH00SEY0U Pikachu (Hoeen Cap): P1KAADVANCE...
  12. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Crown Tundra!

    News dropped today with more information on the Crown Tundra Expansion. Will dig out some and update this post with some. - Galarian Slowking. - Co op Dungeons. - Catch all previously released legendaries. - Galarian Star Tournament. - Loads more Pokémon. Anyone excited?
  13. Anthrix

    Gen 8 VGC Battle Spot VGC Battle Stadium Doubles Rental Teams (Series 6)

    I thought we should have a place to post and discuss rental teams, either our own or ones we find and think others should be using. When posting, try and include a picture and / or a paste, so we can see what's happening, especially if the team code gets taken down Will try and link some...
  14. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Max Raid Advice

    I'm writing a guide on obtaining good IV Pokémon, and first place is Max Raids. It's probably the easiest way to get them, and anyone can get them as well, so it's a win win. Just wondered if people had any good advice that they would give to a new player looking to find, beat and catch Pokémon...
  15. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield How To Get PP Ups Easily Without Cheating (W.I.P. Guide!)

    (Note: Will add pictures at a later date!) PP Ups (and PP Max) have historically been very rare items, but are essential to improve the usability of 5, 10 and 15 PP moves. The easiest place to get these is in the Lotto ID, which gives you a random 6-digit number which then checks your PC for...
  16. Anthrix

    So What Are You Breeding Right Now? Trading Chat Thread Thingy.

    I thought it could be a fun thread to see what other people are breeding right now, talk about breeding, chaining or catching in MAX Raids. I'm currently breeding Larvestas and Caterpies, using one to help get the other. With Gyarados banned from next month in ranked play, trying to come up...
  17. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Use PKMNPLAYERSCUP For Battle Ready Porygon2! Works till 31st August!

    I love a freebie, so I saw this and thought people might want to get it. https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/receive-a-battle-ready-porygon2-celebrating-the-pokemon-players-cup/ Ironically, Porygon2 will be banned from next month on the Ranked Ladder, but Porygon2 has and always will be...
  18. Anthrix

    Sword/Shield Get More Kubfu / Urshifu Using "Add New User"

    Disclaimer: this is not my video nor do I have any reason to post this other than I'd imagine this is the sort of thing that might get patched out. Take advantage of it while you can! Also this isn't a hack, a cheat or an exploit beyond creating a new user on the Switch. Creidt should go to...
  19. Anthrix

    Recording Nintendo Switch

    A bit if a long shot, but once lockdown is over I'm considering starting up a YouTube channel. A consequence of doing band practice over the internet has given me access to decent home recording kit, so all I need is a way of recording the Switch and I'm set. ... But these all seem expensive...
  20. Anthrix

    Gen 8 New 'mons in Gen 8! What do you think of them?

    What do you think of all the additions (old and new) on Competitive? Some notable additions. - Terrakion - Slowbro (both normal and galarian) - Urshifu (both rapid and single strike) - Talonflame - Scizor