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  1. Sword/Shield Crown Tundra!

    Sorry I quoted you on it lol Yes they will be out in November, till then I'm stuck with pokemon I cannot relate too. Be it esthetics or nostalgia, I cannot get behind alot the newer mons. Though I do have a few i like. Just prefer the older mons.
  2. Gen 8 Help finish isle dex

    Is there not one person on here who's willing to help someone out? I mean ill probably get them via surprise trade eventually, though figured I should find help here quicker......
  3. Sword/Shield Crown Tundra!

    Looking for my flygirl (Salamence) only dragon type I like. Even the land shark would worked for me over any of these dragons they gave us. Just off the top of my head.
  4. Gen 8 Help finish isle dex

    I'm looking for someone to help me finish the isle of Armor dex. I need: 1) Oranguru 2)to trade my slowpoke w/ kings rock to you then back to me 3) trade either Karrablast or shelmet back and forth for both evolutions. Thank you whom ever helps me with this. FC: SW-5566-0084-7220
  5. Sword/Shield Crown Tundra!

    yeah cant wait , most of my favorites aren't even in this game yet