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  1. SiNofTheAbyss

    Is This a Demon? (SiN's AMA)

    Hello, and welcome to KingCrimSiN's first AMA on the new forums. You might have seen one of my many dead ones on the original site; well, I intend to change that track record at least a little. So, uh, Marriland Forum Rules and AMA Rules apply. That's pretty much it, though, so you can be a...
  2. SiNofTheAbyss

    It took a while, huh?

    Hello, I'm SiN. You might remember me, or you might not. I dunno, I wasn't very social on the old forums after the RP community took a nosedive. Anyway, uhhh, anime addict? That's pretty much the only way to describe me at this point. So, yeah, hi, again.