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  1. Nick!

    Tournament Poke mon Shieldsword Tournament :)

    Hey guys what's up it is esteemed Marriland Forums OFFICIAL Tournament Organizer Nick "Gamer" Wheegalure here. This is gonna be the forums FIRST Swish tournament and it's not gonna be anything super serious just a forum for people to test out competitive teams on somewhere other than the ladder...
  2. Nick!

    Thank you, People of Play

    I remember looking at sorting hat and thinking "Wait a second, my whole cabin is tremendously busy. We're screwed." And in the early days, this looked right. But then, as a group, we all somehow got us to first and maintained it for a bit. Will we hold onto that lead? I'm gonna be honest with...
  3. Nick!

    Day 5 Overview

    Last day folks. We're holding about a 200 point lead, but that could vanish in a second. Let's make sure we finish strong. Other events EIM and RPG are concluding today for sure. Our current plan is to work with Cabin 4 to secure victories for us in RPG and them in EIM. Speedruns close today...
  4. Nick!

    Day 4 Overview

    whats good hopefully we won events and stuff i guess we will see - Submissions thread for the day! Scavenger Hunt -A LEGO Video Game (Bonus: Harry Potter) -A Sports jersey (Bonus: Has the number 7) -A Worm (Bonus: on a...
  5. Nick!

    Day 3 Overview

    Day 3 Submissions Thread: We're in last right now, but I'm very confident we'll do well in superhero and medley! In addition to there only being one flash game today, that lessens some of our weakness. Things are looking up for...
  6. Nick!

    Day 2 Overview

    Aight bro day 2 bro day 2 bro We're in third right now, about 150 or so off from first. The most important thing for us to do is make sure that everyone puts in effort on the flash games today, as that is where we majorly fell behind 1 and 2. I'm personally going to make sure I give more time...
  7. Nick!

    Day Two Submissions Thread

    sup lol
  8. Nick!

    Day 1: To-Do List

    whats up gamers here is the first of the To Do List where I will abridge the day 1 post and add notes to tell you what to do SUBMIT THINGS IN THIS THREAD: Point Wars - We're going to have our own separate thread to...
  9. Nick!

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest We need 4+ to enter this. Like Battle Royale, it's more important to have active people enter this so that we can coordinate and strategize more often. If you're interested or have questions (this one's more confusing...
  10. Nick!

    RPG Battle Royale Interest So we can have two cabin members enter this. I did the first one and got some experience in it, so I think it's probably best I enter. The other one should just be someone who can be pretty...
  11. Nick!

    An Introduction Post

    Hey what's good everyone. Welcome to Cabin 3. I'm your cabin leader, the boy/the dude/the goat nick/wheegalure. This is my second year leading a cabin and I learned some things from my first go at it last year. I plan to keep the same energy from last year for this cabin, with hopefully less...
  12. Nick!

    gang gang

    real cabin 3 hours who up
  13. Nick!


    Alright about a month and a week later the UU tournament has concluded! Once again congratulations to Moxie for winning, and THANK YOU to KaoriHero and Kilza for replacing people who dropped out. There's a couple things I did differently this tournament, so I want everyone's opinions on a couple...
  14. Nick!

    Tournament UU Tournament

    Marilland's UU Tournament woooo Hello friends and welcome to a UU tournament! When trying to decide what type of tournament this would be, I went a bit back and forth between many tiers. I wanted the perfect balance of accessibility and being interesting. Tiers like OU, while accessible, are...
  15. Nick!

    nick’s ama

    hey ask me questions and stuff I had one on azurilland too find that if you want