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  1. thexuberant1

    What's your favorite generation of Pokémon?

    It seems like Generation 5 is the most popular, but I think it’s my least favorite. Out of all the Pokemon games, Black and White bored me the most. Of course, Gen 5 has a lot of awesome Pokemon like Haxorus, Volcarona, and Braviary, but that’s the only thing I liked about the games. The...
  2. thexuberant1

    My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!

    I’ve had glasses for about two years now. I only wear them in college to see the chalkboard and to see things at a distance. Without them, I often squint at faraway objects and everything is kinda blurry. Though I always take off my glasses when reading or studying since I don’t need them in...
  3. thexuberant1

    XY Remembering Kalos! What was your team for X and Y?

    My team in X: Delphox Gallade Vespiquen Aurorus Golurk Blastoise My team in Y: Chesnaught Talonflame Florges Goodra Meowstic Male Lapras Gallade was my MVP in X. In Y, Chesnaught was very helpful, especially against the Elite Four. I played through X first cuz I liked Xerneas a lot for its...
  4. thexuberant1

    What battle do you dread the most in any Pokémon game?

    Several of the aforementioned trainers gave me a hard time, especially Mars and her Purugly. I also struggled against the two ace trainers on Route 215 in D/P. The trainer with the Gyarados was especially difficult and I had to train my Pokemon a lot to defeat him.
  5. thexuberant1

    Favorite Legendary Pokemon

    Shaymin is my favorite for its cuteness and I love its Sky Forme. I also like Giratina cuz it looks badass and Suicune for its elegance. Others I admire are Latias, Cresselia, Virizion, Meloetta, Xerneas, Tapu Fini, and Solgaleo.
  6. thexuberant1

    Favourite Mega Evolution

    Mega Lopunny is my favorite and Mega Mawile is my second favorite. They’re both excellent to use in battles. I also adore Mega Blastoise because it looks like a tank and I love Mega Altaria for its mega fluffiness.
  7. thexuberant1

    Under-appreciated Pokemon you really like

    Lanturn, Xatu, Mantine, Medicham, Grumpig, Vespiquen, Honchkrow, Lickilicky, Emboar, Simisage, Swanna, and Palossand are all under-appreciated Pokemon I’ve used on my in-game teams.
  8. thexuberant1

    What was your first SHINY Pokemon?

    My first shiny was a shiny Fearow in Pokemon Pearl. I used the Poke Radar a couple of times and found it.
  9. thexuberant1

    X/Y or ORAS?

    Both are decent games, though I prefer XY because it has trainer customization and Friend Safari. Also, I like that Kalos has a large pokedex, there's a variety of pokemon to choose from. ORAS might have better graphics and mechanics, but the Hoenn Dex is relatively small compared to XY. After...
  10. thexuberant1

    What's Your favorite playable character design?

    Dawn has a really nice design, I think she's the best. I also like Serena's outfit, she's looks very chic and elegant. As for the boys, I'm not particularly fond of any of them, though Red and Ethan are very cool-looking.
  11. thexuberant1

    Favorite Pokémon type(s)?

    My favorite types are water, fairy, ice, and psychic.
  12. thexuberant1

    What's your favorite generation of Pokémon?

    Gen 4 is my favorite. I loved the innovative WiFi features like the GTS and the use of the DS touchscreen. Also, Platinum and HG/SS are awesome!
  13. thexuberant1

    RSE Wanna just talk about gen 3 all day?

    Ruby and Sapphire were totally boring, but Emerald was amazing, especially the Battle Frontier.