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  1. Ape711

    Ask (Insert name here (ape)) anything

    you know the drill i figured why not you know what mysterious secrets do i hide what questions do people have for me i dont know you dont know lets find out uwu
  2. Ape711

    WHAT was your first love?

    not WHO, WHAT. It can be literally anything. mine was, ironically, the song "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi or Art / Drawing
  3. Ape711

    Let's Go Opinions on Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee?

    I have bought and am currently playing it (Eevee), but (and everyone is entitled to their own opinion) I think its the weakest game so far. I think that the game does look good, but the horrible leveling system and lack of wild pokemon battles really have been ruining it for me. For example of...
  4. Ape711

    I have a Kadabra in Lets Go Eevee I would like to turn into an Alakazam; would anyone be willing to trade with me?

    Specifcally, I would trade you the Kadabra and then you would trade it back, but as an Alakazam.
  5. Ape711

    Monotype Toxicity Abundant! A Fire Red Poison Monotype Challenge

    Monotype Challenge: A regular playthrough of a Pokemon game (Fire Red), but every Pokemon on your team has to be the same type (poison) Update #1 Will come soon
  6. Ape711

    so i think this is what i do to introduce myself?

    Hi, I'm Ape, long-time Marilland fan an somehow I just found out about this, nice to meet you I hope i haven't already messed up