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  1. Neb

    Headphone Recommendations

    For the last year or so, I’ve been using the same plug-in headphones for video games and music. They get the job done, but I’m interested in something with better treble and midrange. Any good recommendations for someone new to this sort of thing?
  2. Neb

    Where to start the Metal Gear series at.

    I’ve been meaning to try the Metal Gear series for a while, but I don’t know where to start. Do any of you have recommendations?
  3. Neb

    Ask Neb a Thing or Two!

    The original AMA hasn’t been updated for quite some time, so here’s a new thread! Once again, I’m open to answering anything as long as it isn’t too personal or violates any site rules.
  4. Neb

    Finishing a Franchise

    When you play a game series you really like, it’s easy to wish it never ended. New sequels mean more opportunities to get invested in the gameplay, characters, and world. What if you had full control of your favorite game franchise and were told that the next entry had to be the last?
  5. Neb

    DPPt Sinnoh - Over a Decade Later

    On September 26, 2006, the first games in the fourth generation of Pokémon were released. Do Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum still hold up for you? What are things you liked and disliked about them?
  6. Neb


    What’s a word you frequently misspell? Is it a common word or something a bit more obscure?
  7. Neb

    TV/Movies What Device/Devices Do You Stream On?

    As people begin to stream television more and more, various streaming services will add support to different devices. Smart TVs, phones, game consoles, and even e-readers can stream now. What type of device do you enjoy streaming on?
  8. Neb

    Music Mishearing Lyrics

    Can you usually hear lyrics correctly when listening to music, or do you hear things they aren’t actually singing?
  9. Neb

    Improving Your Favorite Console

    Let’s say you had the ability to take your favorite game console and improve it in any way you could imagine. Specs, games, features, controllers, and so on. What would you change?
  10. Neb

    Going against the diet

    What’s a food you know is bad for you but like anyway? It could be fast food, deserts, candy, just about anything that is deemed “unhealthy.”
  11. Neb

    Photography Neb’s Scrapbook

    One hobby I have that I’ve been procrastinating on is photography. While I enjoy taking photos of scenery the most, every now and then I will take a picture of my pets. From eighth grade to tenth grade, I took photos for the school yearbook and took a photography class for a semester. Photos...
  12. Neb

    Region Locked

    What’s a game or that you wish was available in your own country or language? Other than obvious ones like Mother 3 or Ace Attorney Investigations 2 a game I’d love see get an American release of the two Ouendan games (though I doubt that will ever happen).
  13. Neb

    Music Nostalgic Songs

    What’s a song that reminds of you of your past? A song that could take you back to your childhood or adolescence. The first one More Than A Feeling by Boston. My Mom used to play it in the car all the time when I was little. Even now, the riffs still sound amazing. Next is Good Vibrations by...
  14. Neb

    What is the last thing you ate?

    Pretty self explanatory. What was the last thing you ate? Tortilla chips and salsa.
  15. Neb


    One of the most interesting things to learn about yourself is the heritage of your ancestors. What countries or cultures did your ancestors come from? Thanks to a DNA test I took recently, I finally learned more about my ancestors and my biological Dad’s side of the family. 82% of me is French...
  16. Neb


    With over 800 Pokémon, it can be really hard to keep track of them all. What’s a Pokémon that you struggle to remember?
  17. Neb

    Sun/Moon Battle Tree Team Building

    I’m thinking about tackling the battle tree for the first time, but I’m not sure what kind of team is needed to go in there. Do any of you have any ideas?
  18. Neb

    Rhythm Games

    Do you play rhythm games? If so, which ones?
  19. Neb

    Nuzlocke Trip the Light Fantastic - An Omega Ruby Idolocke

    Intro and Rules After seeing so many people try Idolockes, I couldn’t help but try one myself. It just looks like fun! This should be an interesting run. One, because I’m horrible at nuzlockes. Two because my knowledge on idols is limited outside of Zombie Land Saga. And three, because I’ll...
  20. Neb

    Sensitivity Essay

    Author's Note: this essay was written as a way to articulate my thoughts on the matter of my sensitivity. This means I cover internet arguments, bullying, and suicide. These topics may be too intense for some. This is also not an attack on the person I had an argument with. They apologized and I...