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    The worst status effect

    In your opinion, what's the worst status effect (I'll leave the interpretation up to you, but I personally define this in terms of absolute annoyance to deal with) to deal with in the Pokemon games and battling in general?
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    does anyone do new years resolutions anymore

    and do you all even remember your new years resolutions for this year??
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    Video Game Difficulty

    Let's say you're playing a game with adjustable difficulty options. Are you the type of person to go for the more harder difficulties for the sake of a challenge? Or are you the type to take it easy and play the game on easy/normal?
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    XY Do you think XY would've been better off with a third entry?

    One of the biggest discussion points that's been a thing ever since the announcement of ORAS are Kalos fans wondering why XY didn't get its own third entry, like most generations did before. While we obviously can't read into Game Freak's mind as to why (unless there's some sort of interview...
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    Let's say you had the ability to change a Pokemon's shiny colours

    ... because some Pokemon's shiny colours are, let's face it, less than ideal. What Pokemon would it be and what would you change?
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    Do you think the 3DS is still worth getting?

    During all the hype of the Switch, it may be understandable that some people might not bother with touching their 3DSes anymore. This could be because of the age of the 3DS family as its several years old compared to the Switch which is dominating with its first party titles as well as...
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    How open are you about liking Pokemon irl?

    Are you more of a closeted Pokemon fan, or do you not really care what people think and just wear Pokemon shirts a lot (in which case I am envious of you)?
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    What kind of Pokemon designs are you most fond of?

    Is it the more badass ones? The more cute ones? Or are you a fan of the inanimate object Pokemon more? Do share. :o
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    Let's discuss Open World Pokemon

    One of the first things plenty of people wanted when the Switch Pokemon games was announced (which later turned out to be LGPE), was something open world, remniscent of something either like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or like Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch has definitely proven that...
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    Your thoughts on Gen 7 as a whole?

    Interpret this question however you'd like! :> Whether you've played just SM, or just USUM, or both, what impressions did Gen VII leave on you?
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    hello it's me again o/

    I lurk the Discord server on occasion and say some things here and there. :> Hello everyone!