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  1. Mudkip_Mishchief

    RMT RMT NU Heliolisk/Incineroar/Whimsicott Pivot

    Here it is! I tried a little bit ago to make some teams, but without good understanding of the metagames I was in, and the concept of competitive battling itself really, I got my butt kicked. This is an NU team I made based around pivoting between Heliolisk, Incineroar, and Whimsicott, and being...
  2. Mudkip_Mishchief

    RMT NU Janky Physical Sceptile Lead!

    Hey all you may have seen this team posted in the battle replay sharing thread. Just wanted recommendations to make the team better! Thank you in advance, heres the team Vileplume @ Rocky Helmet Ability: Effect Spore EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpD...
  3. Mudkip_Mishchief

    Finish that sentence!

    The games pretty simple, each person will post the rest of a sentence, and then a fragment of a sentence. It'll look something like this: Person 1. I wish i... Person 2: was taller! I wonder when jerry will.. Person 3: get a haircut. What if.. Besides that, just keep it appropriate and...
  4. Mudkip_Mishchief

    The Never-Ending Story!!!

    On Azurilland there was a thread just like this and I thought it was a ton of fun. It didn't get very many posts, but I was hooked on it while it was around. I'm hoping with the new forums, that it'll get more recognition. Basically, each post will be a continuation of the one before it. We'll...
  5. Mudkip_Mishchief

    Mudkip's/Sceptile's AMA

    Hello Marriland Users! I'm Mudkip_Mischief, I'll go by Mudkip, Carson, and (if you know me from azurilland) Sceptile. I look forward to my time here at Marriland, and hope to make new friends, as well as become closer to old ones. On this thread, you can ask me just about anything. I'm not...