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  1. Some Asian

    Wedlocke Some Asian's White Wedlocke

    So after ghosting the forums for over year and abandoning my Heartgold Wedlocke (I'm really sorry about that. It won't be continuing, as I lost my cartridge), I got bored so I'm back. In my time away, however, I did a Wedlocke in White just on my own time. It's still fresh in my memory, so in...
  2. Some Asian

    Wedlocke [Cancelled]

    Note; Around the time I was preparing to do the post the update, the infamous Dexit happened. The sheer vitrol the Pokemon community had killed my enthusiasm to continue this challenge, leaving it forever unfinished. There's also the fact that I lost my Heartgold cart, so... yeah. I'm very sorry...
  3. Some Asian

    Hi. I’m here, everyone!

    I’m Some Asian, a longtime fan of Marriland since his Diamond Walkthrough (you might have seen me in the comments as... Some Asian). I used to be on the old Marriland Forums, but that.... was so cringeworthy that I never want to think on that ever again. BUT NO LONGER! It’s good to be back!