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  1. PIKMANZ Forever

    Monotype "This is completely normal. Yep. Nothing wrong here!"|Emerald Normal-Monotype

    So uh. I had an idea for a while because I'm a madman: "What if I beat Emerald over and over, doing a monotype run for every type? AND make videos about each playthrough?" But then I found out by watching Maririland's stream highlights that this forum exist. So here we are. Still making the vids...
  2. PIKMANZ Forever

    RSE Wanna just talk about gen 3 all day?

    I love these games too much, man. Mainly Emerald. Like. I like everything about Emerald and yeah. H e l p m e p l e a s e l o l . And we can talk about the gen 1 remakes too. (ignore the RSE I guess) (and I'd rather not talk about the gen 3 remakes tbh. They're just meh)
  3. PIKMANZ Forever

    *sips coffee*

    Yo. Just some Marriland fan who likes pikmin here. Call me Alex. The period at the end is optional lol (Alex.). There's not much to me besides I like roleplaying, art, writing, creating ocs, worldbuilding, and video games. And pikmin and umbreon. ...I have a bunch of other interests too. Like...