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  1. Zange

    Picture Telephone! [Round 5 results!]

    Count me in! We played this in a sociology class I took and it was so much fun.
  2. Zange

    Collecting Marriland Forums Badges

    I've come to claim Smash Camp and Marriland Prom [staff edit: added!]
  3. Zange

    Day Five Submissions

  4. Zange


    uh oh spaghetti os
  5. Zange

    Day Four Submissions

    Swear I made this post already but ig not... Anyways. Lego game (ft me again bc I forgot to grab the paper when I left the house again)
  6. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    Ok i got shot and im most likely gonna die tonight no matter what so thats fuuuun better hope we get lucky with killing our poisoner! i will figure out something later today
  7. Zange

    Day Three Submissions

    (might have to zoom in on the food truck to see but it is a taco truck)
  8. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    Alright, new day new stuff. So... My swaps died on me so we get a second chance at this. And I got poisoned and i'll die night four unless my poisoner is dead by the end of that night so thats fuuuun I am amazed that I still havent been shot yet.
  9. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    I'm gonna go ahead and swap kaiju with Aegis (aka Bluejay) and I'll just shoot Clearsight. idk how you guys wanna split up the rest of the double shootings.
  10. Zange

    Day Two Submissions Thread

    the unscrambled scrambled text (with message) Flag:
  11. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    Someone throw me aliases to swap bc im gonna do that tonight, I do not trust myself living past today in this.
  12. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    I'm probably gonna end up shooting qwertyuiop and saving my swap for later.
  13. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    Hi pls don't shoot Seulgi that's me And I can pick two people once per game and swap their aliases (and if one of them dies i get to do it a second time)
  14. Zange

    Day One Submissions

    completed crossword
  15. Zange

    your girl went to a family reunion and ate home made ice cream two days in a row and now she's a...

    your girl went to a family reunion and ate home made ice cream two days in a row and now she's a little sick of ice cream 😎
  16. Zange

    Everyone Is Mafia Interest

    Interested :catsmileazurill:
  17. Zange

    An Introduction Post

    Guess I'll be the first actual camper here then Anyways my meme is myself bc I'm in Cabin 3 for I think the fourth year straight now which is proof that I am the eternal resident of Cabin 3 and that is a title I will gladly claim.
  18. Zange

    The Sorting Hat

    -What is your time zone? CST -How much time can you spend on Smash Camp per day (any amount is fine, we just want to keep this in mind)? Like 5-7ish hours -Can you take pictures (irl and screenshots on the computer)? yes -Do you own Smash Ultimate? no -Do you own Breath of the Wild? no -Choose...
  19. Zange

    Detective Pikachu (The Movie)

    I saw it last night with a few other people and we all loved it!! Some twists were indeed a bit predictable but there were a few I really didn't see coming. And the pokemon are all so cuuuute :3 Definitely go watch if you get the chance! (Especially if you like trading cards, the theatre we went...
  20. Zange

    You're BANNED! V15

    Banned for being in the same timezone as me