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  1. Bluejay

    Sports NFL 2019-2020

    The start of a new season draws near, as we are already a couple weeks into the preseason! Once again, I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this season unfolds. As usual, feel free to post predictions and what you are looking for out of the team you support for this year. I think...
  2. Bluejay

    Sports March Madness 2019 - Enter your bracket!

    Selection Sunday has come, and the teams have been selected for the NCAA Tournament for this year's March Madness! As usual, I made a group for us forumgoers to compete against each other and see who makes the best predictions. No basketball knowledge required! You can fill out the bracket...
  3. Bluejay


    Feel free to ask me anything! (Rules will apply) Some topics like honest opinions and "list members as x" questions may be difficult for me to do satisfactorily so be aware of that when asking me those types of questions.
  4. Bluejay

    Sports NFL 2018-2019

    Continuation of this thread. It is currently Week 9 of the NFL season! Is your team where you thought it would be before the season started? What is your outlook for the rest of the season? As usual, feel free to keep making weekly picks posts here as well. Here are mine: OAK vs SF DET at...