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  1. smoky

    ask smoky stuff

    I'll answer basically anything as long as it follows the rules and isn't super personal. No limit on amount either. This is an AMA after all. :hmm:
  2. smoky

    Portfolio smoky's studio - i have no clue what im doin lol

    smoky's studio i had a rlly weird sorta intro when i made this thread but hi this is my art thread/studio/whatever i hope u like it or find it funny to laugh at idk lol just enjoy urself and uh make a piece of art some time ye
  3. smoky

    i’m “new”

    i’ve never made on of these so i’m just stick to the basics reeee i’m kaleb/cursebreaker/whatever you wanna call me, i’m your local t swift fan, artist, reader, etc. idk what else to say send help