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  1. darkmaster006

    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    Watched the latest Star Twinkle PreCure episode today. Is anyone watching it? It's super super cute and really cheerful, it lifts my mood! Some screencaps:
  2. darkmaster006

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    I hope all goes well! I'ts saddening to see those people being so ****ty to you, ugh. Some updates on my end.
  3. darkmaster006

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    I agree. It's just difficult for me to fall asleep nowadays? Like I go to bed and lay still there and... 1 hour or even more go by and I haven't fallen sleep. I had fixed my sleep schedule a while ago, was doing pretty good but now I screwed it up again, so back to basics. So, word of advice to...
  4. darkmaster006

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Just passing by to tell everyone I hope they're alright, and to keep fighting!
  5. darkmaster006

    Discussion ♥ Weekly Featured Artist ♥ Drawholic

    I love Yuumei!! Her art really is splendid. That first drawing there is the one that got me to know her, I follow her on DA and she's an amazing artist!
  6. darkmaster006

    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    K-ON is just the best. It's relaxing and soothing. It's funny and the characters are all really great!! <3. My favourite is Ritsu, with Yui coming close second. I also ship Mitsu, my favourite ship, as well as YuiAzu, they are both just so cute <3. I also bought the manga, though I must say...
  7. darkmaster006

    Peace Of Mind - A Mental Health Club

    Username: Darkmaster006 Nickname: J, Jay Gender: Male Adversity (optional): Depression, possibly others Image to represent you: Other: Strength of Heart
  8. darkmaster006

    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    From a manga-reader, I can tell you it's amazing, too. The characters are so lovable! I don't know how much the anime is going to be able to adapt, but probably not even half of the manga, so after that you should totally go read the manga (probs from the beginning, since there's some little...
  9. darkmaster006

    what made you angery today

    Mmm well I kinda screwed up my sleep schedule again today when I was managing it pretty well the last days. And my pancakes came out bad which made me a bit angry but it probably was too much sensory input from the other people at my house. Anyways, petty things.
  10. darkmaster006

    Which Browser Do You Use?

    Firefox. Beats Chrome by a landslide. I used to use Chromium on Linux when Firefox was buggy for some reason (old PC and stuff), though.
  11. darkmaster006


    Yes, there are <3. Well, you're just one step away. And since you draw so well I'm sure you'll have no trouble designing some cute kids <3. That'd be great! I'm not even in beginner stage of drawing hah. About my favourite game, well, since I never had a console, I mostly played GBA like...
  12. darkmaster006

    Your Favorite Pokemon Nicknames

    I think the one I remember the most should be 'Iza', a Dragonair then Dragonite who I had like, ten levels higher than the other Pokes, in the Dark Rising game. I don't really remember why that was its name, to be honest.
  13. darkmaster006

    Portfolio shiny sheepy gallery ✧・゚:*

    Such cuteness omg I'm gonna melt. I love the last piece <3.
  14. darkmaster006

    The Anime Club V.2 ♦ For The Marriland Anime Lovers!

    Username: Darkmaster006 Nickname: Dark, Jay Gender: Male Favorite Character?: Mishima Lisa. Avatar. (Deciding this was hell.) Favorite Anime Series/Movie?: Zankyo no Terror. K-ON. Tsuritama. Probably the trio of my favourite anime. Although I'm pretty nitpicky with what I watch, so most of what...
  15. darkmaster006

    Kayrana & Aurai - Musings

    On why Aurai's favourite place is Kayrana's shoulder Over the course of their being together, Aurai started noticing little quirks that adorned Kayrana's behaviour. How she spoke, with lots of filler words like 'uhm' and 'you know?', but also used grandiose words, although not in a pretentious...
  16. darkmaster006

    Kayrana & Aurai - Musings

    A night It was winter, some months had passed since Aurai and Kayrana had met. Kayrana wasn't yet a trainer. She and her family had moved from Oldale Town to Vendanturf Town and had set up a herbal shop in there. There wasn't much of a difference between the ever-verdant towns. Vendanturf was...
  17. darkmaster006

    Kayrana & Aurai - Musings

    Longing Kayrana's journey had just started. Her companion and best friend, Aurai, her Ralts, looked preoccupied at her Trainer, the one person she loved most in the world. The forest—forests always reminded Aurai of when Kayrana and her had met, that fateful evening when Kayrana, just a kid, had...
  18. darkmaster006

    I'm new

    Welcome! I'm also new so *high five*. So Chatot is your favourite? Right now a Chatot is beating me to no end in 'Pokemon Gaia' with 'Chatter' XD. Also the gym there was Chatot-themed, you'd probably like it: