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3DS Pokémon Games Rules

Greetings trainers, and welcome to the 3DS Pokémon Games forum! These focus on the games released the handheld 3DS family of systems, such as Pokémon X&Y, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, and all the titles in-between! Here are the rules we'd like to follow while post in these boards. As always, remember that Marriland Forum Rules still apply while posting here.​

Stay On Topic
It goes without saying that discussion in this forum should stay restricted to 3DS Pokémon games. Try not to let discussions get too derailed into newer or older games, or anything that's not Pokémon related.

Use Prefix Tags
There's plenty of tags to use in this forum to differentiate between the different Pokémon games, so be sure to use them when creating your threads so people know what you're talking about! Posting something like "Where do I catch Arbok?" won't be easily answered unless you specify.

No Thread Revival
As stated in the Forum Rules, if a thread is over 1 year old, please don't post in it! If you want to continue a discussion, feel free to make a new thread.

Is this the forum you're looking for?

This forum is for discussimg the 3DS Pokémon games, such as their story, characters, in-game events and battles etc. If you're looking to connect, share, and play 3DS Pokémon games with others, visit these forums instead!
If you're doing a playthrough of a 3DS Pokémon game and want to document it, head over to here to share it with others!

Go to this forum to trade Pokémon with fans around the world

Competitive Battling
Grab your 3DS and go here to engage in battles and discuss strategies with other members
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