A debate tag in the general chat subforum


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Nov 1, 2018
This has been discussed in the support channel on the Marriland server. We have been discussing about to bring the debate chamber or not. Since it has been not active, we've come to conclusion to have a debate tag in the general chat subforum. So what you people think about it? Share your thoughts here.


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Nov 2, 2018
I think it's a good idea but not a necessity, listening to what others said. A tag for serious topics was inplemented on Azurilland for a time but wasn't really used. I personally would like for there to be a distinction between casual threads and more serious ones, because it's easy to differentiate rather than having to read the titles. Plus it would serve as a sort of invitation for more serious discussion and less memey/jokey posts, but again not a necessity, and people are free to post whatever they want.

Tl;dr I think it's a good idea but I'll accept either having a tag or keeping things as they are now.
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The Debate Chamber was originally scrapped because it stopped getting use after a while. When we did that, we created "Sensitive" and "Debate" tags and moved the threads into General Chat. While we don't have the tags anymore, we still allow for discussions about more serious topics.

I wouldn't be against creating a tag for more serious discussions now, but I'm not sure if it's super necessary. For most topics, people can tell what the thread is about by reading the title or at least the first post. The only real purpose I'd see for a tag is to label some threads as unfit for more memey or jokey posts, which is something we could do if there's support for it (although we'd need to modify the rules of General Chat to make that a standard for the subforum). I'm mostly neutral about it, myself.


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Oct 28, 2018
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this might sound weird, but i think the fact it sizzled out quickly just goes to show how much we don't need a home for more "serious/controversial" topics. Sure they can be fun for people who like that sort of controversy/serious conversation at first, but after a while it loses its charm and a few people told me they wished it wasn't there. Marriland is not the best place for such topics and although they are not against the rules, having a home for them kinda encourages them you know? ya you can just ignore it if you don't wanna see it, ok, but for so long it hardly ever got used anyway so what's the point?

i'm neutral on tags bc i don't think they could hurt (we had them on azuri even tho they never got used), but it should also be up to the individual to decide if a topic is too controversial or serious for them by reading the title and/or the intro post. seems a bit unnecessary to be like !! this topic might be 2 serious !!

that's just my two cents but overall my opinions aint deep or very solid when it comes to this.