A Frosty Paradise


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Nov 2, 2018
Okay so this is probably my first story I'm ever sharing on here lol and it's actually one that I just started working on. So I don't share my work a lot, but that's probably not going to get me anywhere. So I would love any sort of criticism of any sort for this story so I can improve!

And prologue!

Getting to see such a beautiful yet disappointing sight was always the most bittersweet way to start the day. The sun seemed to shine like a beacon, showering the entire landscape with a soft orange glow, but it was just as soon blocked out by the blanket of snow that seemed to be endless. The pristine snowy path seemed to gleam in the faint light, making it seem like it was a glowing trail, yet the disappointing part was that was all that you could see for miles. The entire landscape seemingly covered in frost.

The large wooly mammoth that was taking the brunt of the harsh weather, was her reliable partner and means of transport through this unstable environment: Mamoswine, who was more than a little excited this particular morning. Getting to stretch his legs always seemed to get him too energized for his own good. What about this weather put him in such a good mood…

“Okay okay slow down a bit! The whole point of this expedition is to extract anything suspicious, but if you bound that eagerly, all I’m going to be able to do is hang on for dear life!” Lyanne scolded as she shook her head softly, brushing off the snow that seemed to have piled onto her snow cap. Mamoswine had slowed down to a crawl, his head dipped gently due to being scolded, his large tusks brushing against the snow covered ground, leaving an odd trail behind them. “You’re such a baby…” She muttered as she lovingly rubbed the back of the mammoth’s head as an affectionate gesture, which seemed to put some pep back into his step.

A large majority of the day was spent walking on the trail assigned to them, hours possibly. Lyanne had lost track of time in a region like this, but it hardly mattered when they had a set assignment. As long as they got back to base before night fell, they would be fine. The legends of the native Froslass sure didn’t make them the most popular of Pokemon around here…They kidnapped men for the most part, but maybe they’d make an exception for her!?

Mamoswine stopped suddenly, which almost made her fall face first into the snow, dragging her out of her superstitions. Scowling at the Pokemon through the mask that was shielding her face from most of the cold, she paused as she saw why he had paused in the first place. She gently helped herself down, lightly raising the goggles that allowed her to see through the harsh weather and lowered the mask covering her mouth.

She trembled as she tried to process what she was looking at. Her brown eyes shining with wonder and a tad bit of fear. Her gloved hands clasped the camera that was hanging around her neck, nervously aiming the lens in the direction of the discovery she had just made…

“This footprint definitely belongs to an Aurorus…A wild Aurorus…”
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Dec 2, 2018
that's so good!!! i felt like i was there, it was a small prologue yet i felt like your writing and your descriptions of the setting were so vivid.
Mamoswine a cute big baby uvu
definitely looking forward to the next part, i'm very curious about what kind of character Lyanne is and what's up with her discovery of that footprint