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(Posted this on Azurilland, but we all know what happened. For this story, I am planning to keep it pretty simple. As the story progresses, we can incorporate new ideas! Just felt like doing a Pokemon fusion story.)

A group of scientist began capturing Pokemon for their experiments, these scientists were called Zilox. Their experiments were wrong and went against all laws of Pokemon nature. Zilox forced the combination of different types of Pokemon to create powerful fusions that they plan on using to take over the world. Most of the tests have failed, resulting in the loss of many lives, but those who have lived are scared and want the torture and the experiments to come to an end. Can these poor fusions plan an escape from the horrific scientists of Zilox?

(All ideas and applications will be observed in the Campfire, but feel free to PM me as well)

1. Up to 2 characters (can be evil too)
2. Can not be a legendary fusion!
3. Put OOC in ()'s
4. Minimum of three lines please
5. If you have any plans for the story, let me know (includes romances, plot twists, ect.)
6. Please no god moding
7. Have fun with it
8. Please put something like fusion or even "I read it fool" in your application to let me know you read the rules!

Gender (if you want to put one):
Pokemon Fusion:
Brief history of being in Zilox Lab:
Text Color:

Name: Sam (goes by Sammy)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon Fusion: Zoroark/Chandelure
Personality: Sam is the strong and independent type. 90% of the time Sam is silent and will show little emotion, he talks with body language. Just because Sam doesn't talk, doesn't mean he isn't always listening.
Brief history of being in Zilox Lab: When Sam was created, he was on the brink of death, but the scientists at Zilox made sure he was going to live. To this day Sam still wishes he wasn't saved because he believes he shouldn't exist, he goes against nature. While captive, he undergoes extreme training, forcing his evolution and knowledge of various types of moves. He has an extreme hate for the scientists and one time severely injured one of them causing Sam to be tortured. The torture that he went through made him the silent type he is today.
Text Color: Dark Purple/SPOILER]
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