Gen 8 VGC A Loud Return (VGC / Ranked Doubles RMT)


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Hi I’m Anthrix, and I’ve not posted a Rate My Team for 5 years.

VGC has given me an opportunity to get back into competitive, and whittle away the time spent in lockdown. Current 22 W / 11 L with various versions of this team, with a peak of Great Ball 9.

This is the third team I’ve bred in 170 hours in game time (including beating the main game and completing the Pokédex!), which I think is astonishingly quick. All Pokémon are 5 or 6 IV and have perfect stats at level 50, or zeros where necessary!

But because I haven’t played in so long, I wanted to make this team as easy and familiar as possible. No gimmicky tricks, no big set ups, no crazy combos. Just roll up and hit stuff using stuff I know, and how they work.

Team building

Like most people, the first Pokémon I bred was Magikarp. I must have surprise traded and good 60 before I got a perfect 6IV Jolly one, when I received an Adamant 5 IV on in a Surprise Trade. Go figure. He’s the one I’m using now, sent by someone called “Scotty” with the user ID.....

I read a lot about Duraludon, and using that 6 IV Magikarp, was able to get a 5 IV Duraludon really quickly. With Timid and Airstream or Icy Wind support from Assault Vest Gyarados, either of them could sweep.

Lesson one: having lots of Pokémon that can make the most of Dynamaxing is really good. I mostly Dynamaxed Gyarados, Protect on Duraludon and Max Airstream, and then I’ve got a psuedo Tailwind, a +1 Speed Life Orb Duraludon, and a +1 Speed Gyarados.

Original team

Gyarados / Duraludon / Weezing / Tyranitar / Claydol / Hitmontop

There were a few iterations, but generally speaking, this was the first team I made. The idea built around Gyarados and Duraludon, and having Claydol to swap in for with of them perfectly resting all their weaknesses. Weezing for bulk and for shutting down abilities, Hitmontop for Fake Out and Intimidate support, and Scarf Tyranitar as a surprise and Dragapult check. Worked pretty well, but half the team felt... Useless. Duraludon and Gyarados were pulling their weight, Tyranitar was cool as was Hitmontop, but Weakness Policy Ally Switch Claydol wasn’t so useful and Weezing was really ineffective. Trick Room was a problem (if I ever faced it) as was Togekiss, Dragapult, ROTOM-W and Excadrill.

Next team, I decided to directly copy a sample team and roll with it. This is filled with stuff like Sleep Powder, Fake Out, Intimidate, Parting Shot, Follow Me, Yawn, Weakness Policy Excadrill... Loads of Good Stuffs. But I just couldn’t click with it and in 5 games and a 2/3 win record, quickly abandoned it.

I decided to go back to Gyarados again. After all, I’ve been using him for the best part of 10 years, let’s stick with what I know!

Gyarados / Raichu / Ferrothorn / Charizard / Dragapult / Weezing

This has Moxie, DRAGON dance Gyarados and Assault Vest Raichu, with Charizard and Dragapult as substitutes. I really wanted to make the most of the Lightning Rod and Dual Screens from Dragapult to set up a dangerous sweeper on my team. Ferrothorn was a last ditch effort to cover my Trick Room weakness and give me something to hit Togekiss with. The 3, 4x weaknesses to common moves kinda hampered the team, and I didn’t like how squishy Gyarados was. Raichu wasn’t switching into Rotom-W much, and I had one Pokémon with Protect. Switch up time!


Togedemaru @ Focus Sash
Ability: Lightning Rod
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Nuzzle
- Zing Zap / Iron Head
- Spiky Shield

Part one of the Lightning Rod and Gyarados combo, this little rodent is crazy considering it can take on giant, Dynamaxed Pokémon and not get OHKO’d due to Focus Sash. Drawing away Max Lightnings is funny as well – I envisage him sat on Gyarados’ head draw absorbing lightning bolts.

There’s only really one way to play him, as his defences are frail and he has a 4x weakness to Ground. Focus Sash and Fake Out makes him a good lead, and threaten to stop a lot of first turn set ups. Nuzzle helps stop Dragapult and Togekiss from sweeping through the team with Paralysis support – this works well with his decent speed and Zing Zap’s 30% Flinch chance. Spikey Shield can help absorb other Fake Outs and break their Sashes, or stall out Dynamax turns with Lightning Rod.

Tempted by Iron Head to hurt Fairies, but Zing Zap still hits Togekiss and OHKOs Inteleon, oddly enough.


Gyarados @ Assault Vest
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 50
EVs: 140 HP / 196 Atk / 172 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Waterfall
- Bounce
- Power Whip
- Crunch

I’ve tried Dragon Dance, Moxie, Dragon Dance AND Moxie, but I’ve returned to this. I stole this off of a Weezing Togedemaru Gyarados team which was a good starting point for the team.

Bulky Gyara isn’t a new thing, I remember him being such a threat in Advance and DPPt for the longest time. He’s just good all round, and gets some good Max Moves as well. Heck, he doesn’t even need to Dynamax to sweep, thanks to his great coverage.

Waterfall for reliable STAB and occasional flinches. Bounce for Flying STAB, and for Max Airstream, and occasionally stalling out Trick Room, Tailwind or weather turns. Power Whip for Water types, and supposedly KOing Rotom-Wash with Max Overgrowth. Crunch is filler, but I wanted something to hit Psychics and Ghosts harder with. This was Icy Wind, but I wasn’t using it much and Max Hailstorm coming off his pitiful 65 base Special Attack doesn’t do much at all.

EVs are to OHKO Rotom Wash with Max Overgrowth, outrun base 60s and buff up his defences a bit with the remainder. Hasn’t failed me so far, but I might go back to try max Speed Jolly and Intimidate.


Charizard-Gmax @ Life Orb
Ability: Blaze
Level: 50
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Blast Burn
- Air Slash
- Solar Beam
- Protect

I wanted a special attacker that’s weak to Electric, and here we are. G-Max Wildfire does crazy amounts of damage, so this was too good to pass up.

Blast Burn is an awful move, but it’s best for Gigantamaxing, giving him the best chance 2HKO anything that doesn’t resist G-Max Wildfire. Solar Beam gives me another Max Overgrowth to hit Water types with, and Air Slash gives me reliable STAB and Max Air Stream. Protect gives him some scouting options, and let’s me Nuzzle something that I can nuke, or stall out a Dynamax.

I could have gone Solar Power, but I’ve not got a way of setting up Sun. Blaze at least might get some use, like surviving a rock move and throwing out a Blaze boosted Blast Burn. With Weezing around, didn’t really want to rely on his ability too much, either.

Charti Berry and Timid let’s me outrun Excadrill and everything else, and just do as much damage as possible. There might be a more efficient spread with dual Screens up, but it comes at the cost of speed or power. Also, don’t have HP divisible by 4. Stealth Rocks and Sandstorm damage :P.

They might share weaknesses, but Gyarados and Charizard double up quite well. Sometimes I’ll take both, Togedmaru and Dragapult, and keep Charizard behind until their counter has died. Then I can bring him in for the clean Dynamax sweep.

Currently trying out Life Orb with Clefairy as it’s typical partner, will update if it goes well!


Clefairy @ Eviolite
Ability: Friend Guard
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def SpA / 4 SpD
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
Relaxed Nature
- Follow Me
- Helping Hand
- After You
- Protect

Swapped out Dragapult for the reliability of Clefairy. This thing is surprising bulky, taking a Max Quake through Protect and an Iron head (and then died to the following Snarl from Choice Band Arcanine....?)

The idea is to try and give better support to Charizard and Snorlax. Follow Me is the crux, but this is a) predictable and b) sets up Helping Hand. Helping Hand boosts everyone's damage, and gives her something to do as people want to Focus her to get her off the field. After You, Relaxed Nature and 0 Spe IVs mean I OUTRUN Rhyperior under Trick Room, and let something like Charizard or Gyarados have a go. Protect can stall out Tailwind, Trick Room G-Max Resonance etc.

Going well, partly thanks to the immediacy of Friend Guard. 25% is a lot, and sometimes just hitting Protect will allow Snorlax enough HP to do some magic. Haven't lead with her in 5 games though, as Togedmaru is just too useful for that.


Weezing-Galar @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Neutralizing Gas
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sludge Bomb
- Strange Steam
- Heat Wave / Overheat
- Taunt / Clear Smog

I really want a slow, bulky set to work, but weirdly enough, this is the most effective I’ve found him.

I love Neutralising Gas. Its so trollish, and completely shuts down gimmick teams. I’ve shut down many a Surf Dragapult and Steam Engine + Weakness Policy Coalossal; he Surfed to trigger the Weakness Policy and Steam Engine, only for it not to work and I hit the very slow Coalossal with Max Geyser. One guy the sent out Duraludon with Absorb Bulb, I thought it was faster and Max Airsteam’d the Dragapult while Weezing 2HKOd the Dragapult, and then had Charizard in the wings to finish the obvious Beat Up and Justified Lucario off.

He also works well against Weather teams, turning off their Chlorophyll, Sand Rush or Swift Swim, outrunning and hitting them first.

Annoyingly, max Speed Timid out speed ties with Whimsicott, otherwise this would be really too good for shutting down Whimsicott. Still, that’s a 50% chance to kill it should I need it. I’ve seen someone use Max HP, max speed Timid, but I really need the power. This only tickles Togekiss, as it is.

Sludge Bomb and Strange Steam for reliable STAB, fire move for Steels, Clear Smog to revert and sweepers and Weakness Policy users. Currently trying out Taunt, but Choice Locked Taunt is really risky as it is...


Snorlax G-Max @ Wiki Berry
Ability: Gluttony
Level: 50
EVs: 244 HP / 16 Atk / 248 Def
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Belly Drum
- Facade
- High Horsepower
- Recycle

The win condition and final piece of the puzzle. Thanks Fafrir for the trade!

I originally had Curse, but it was too slow and there were a ton of Haze users (Dusclops, Milotic, Chandelure) which mess him over. Avoid these!

But otherwise, he’s impossible to kill with Intimidate and Dual Screen support. The Gluttony, Recycle Wiki Berry combo with G-Max Replenish just heals him for so much. He was the last pokemon to add (originally had Curse Ferrothorn) but he’s quickly becoming the thing I want to dynamax and clean up with.

It’s not like that his Fighting weakness is an issue either. I have 3 resists, an immunity and 3 super effective moves. But he’s so beefy behind a screen that they won’t Ko generally.

Belly Drum for maxing out his attack, Recycle and Wiki Berry combo well with Gluttony to heal back some much needed HP. Facade helps combat burn damage, but really ramps up if he’s poisoned or paralysed. High Horsepower hits Steels and Rocks and generally has good coverage, but not hitting Corviknight for super for neutral is potentially a problem. I kinda want Seed Bomb for Rhyperior, as even with a Belly Drum he’s only 2HKOing a Dynamaxed one with the Wiki Berry.

(Even a +1 Max Overgrowth does max 46% to Dynamax Rhyperior, and with the healing, turns into a 3HKO

He's a monster, but haven't had a successful Belly Drum yet and end up just straight up attacking. Need to time Clefairy better with it so that it can come in and set up and sweep he's such a beast, especially with Friend Guard. Just keep him away from Weezing!


I generally lead with Gyarados + Togedemaru. They always put me to a good position turn one with Fake Out, Intimidate and Paralysis. With Lightning Rod Gyarados has one weakness, which is easy to take with Dynamax and Intimidate.
If there’s a Coalossal, I’ll lead with these two and Weezing in the back, switch Weezing in and OHKO the slow Coalossal with Max Geyser.

To be honest is more about what I bring second. Against Trick Room I have Snorlax and Dragapult, if they have a gimmick Weezing, and if I see a weakness to Gyarados and Charizard, I bring them both.

The four Pokemon that are pulling their weight are Gyarados, Togedmaru, Snorlax and Weezing. Dragapult is more of a support for Snorlax, as he’s not as good with Gyarados and Charizard as I would have hoped. I’ve bred a Friend Guard Clefairy, might try that out next. Life Orb Helping Hand boosted G-Max Wildfires kill nearly everything that doesn’t resist, so watch this space...


- Rhyperior.
4 of my ‘mons are weak to his Stab moves, and I generally have a poor Trick Room match up without Taunt or anything slow to get in the mix.

Clefairy will help a bit here, with After You it is faster in Trick Room, letting me get an attack off on the Rhyperior to control it.

- Corviknight.
In theory will be problematic, as he resists most of my attacks and removes my dual screens.

- Trick Room
Haven’t faced too many of these, but these are generally piloted by competent players, which there aren’t many of in Great Ball 8.

- Incineroar
All my moves that hit it for super effective are physical. Weezing stops the initial Intimidate, but I’ve not got anything to stop it from Parting Shot and setting up something else.
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Clefairy is now a permanent fixture over Dragapult. I've given Charizard Life Orb to be more threatening, as Rock Slides are quite predictable (I know all the users that are quicker) and nothing can take a Life Orb Helping Hand boosted G-Max Resonance.

Most of my losses have been down to picking the wrong 4 Pokemon, which is a better position to be in than having massive weaknesses. Intimidate is a hit of an issue, need to use Weezing more to counter them I think.