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Nov 1, 2018
So seeing as I'm getting further into my HeatGold Wedlocke and that training in that game can be a bit of a nightmare I decided that I wanted to do another challenge alongside it. I've done several wedlockes now, so I want to up the difficulty a bit by doing a Rainbow Wedlocke.

  1. Any pokemon that faint are considered dead and must be boxed for the rest of the playthrough
  2. Every Pokemon must be nicknamed (I am going with a Marvel theme for my nicknames)
  3. You must catch the first encounter on each route
  4. Gender clause: if I have 1,3 or 5 Pokemon in my party the next Pokemon must be of the gender that is least represented in the party
  5. Compatibility clause: If a Pokemon's nature does not make it compatible with the Pokemon you are trying to pair up then that starts a new pair
  6. Gift clause: any gifts I receive is a free encounter and I can still get a Pokemon as an encounter
  7. Genderless Pokemon can be caught and if they have a nature that means they like opposite can be paired with Pokemon that like any gender of Pokemon or a compatible Ace Pokemon
  8. Once a Pokemon is paired up it cannot be changed unless one of them dies and they can only be switched with their partner unless it is switched with an Ace but then the Ace cannot switch out
  9. Pokemon cannot be deposited into the PC unless collecting a gift Pokemon or an HM is required to continue this rule is relaxed at the beginning so that if I fill out my team and I have an Ace that is still not paired I am allowed to deposit it so that I can make a complete team
  10. My starter is decided by the last digit of my Trainer ID 1,2,3 I pick the grass type, 4,5,6 I choose the fire type and 7,8,9 I pick the water starter. If I get a Zero I move one space to the left and use that number
  11. The challenge is completed when I beat Ghetisis and the credits roll or if I white-out and decide not to continue. If I still have Pokemon in the box then I can create a new team if I feel like it.

There are eight natures that mean that the Pokemon likes the opposite gender:
- Hasty
- Naughty
- Jolly
- Brave
- Quirky
- Gentle
- Impish

Six natures that mean that the Pokemon likes only males:
- Lax
- Quiet
- Rash
- Careful
- Hardy
- Modest

Six natures that mean that the Pokemon likes only females:
- Relaxed
- Bold
- Timid
- Adamant
- Calm
- Serious

Three natures that mean that a Pokemon likes any gender (and can be paired with genderless Pokemon that like opposites)
- Mild
- Naive
- Lonely

Two natures that mean that a Pokemon is an ace (can only be paired with other aces)
- Sassy
- Docile

Update One
I met up with Cheren and eventually Bianca in order to get some Pokemon from the local Pokemon Professor, Professor Juniper. I ended up picking Oshawott who had a Timid nature which meant that he likes female Pokemon only. After seeing Bianca and her dad arguing we headed to Juniper's lab and I called my Oshawott Steve. My mum came to wave us off and gave us each a Town map. We headed onto Route 1 where Juniper showed us how to catch Pokemon, after that, and on the way to Accumula Town, I caught Peggy the Lillipup who likes any gender. Once in Accumula Town Professor Juniper showed Bianca and I around the Pokemon Centre before she headed back to Neuvema Town. When I left the Centre I saw a meeting of some kind happening in the Plaza so I joined Cheren to listen to Ghetsis telling everyone about Liberating Pokemon. When the meeting ended a man called N introduced himself and said that he could hear my Pokemon talking and asked for me to battle him. I agreed and lead off with Peggy before automatically going into Steve and defeating Purrloin. I then headed on to Route 2 where I caught Shuri the Ace Purrloin. After battling Bianca I headed to the Dream Yard and collected Johnny the Pansear who's careful nature meant that he only likes males. Back in town, I fought Cheren before heading to the gym where I used the trainers to get Johnny up to level 11, against Cillan I used Peggy and Steve and won. After the fight, I met Fennel who explained that she wanted some Dream Mist for her experiments and asked me to go and find Munna to get some. Back at the Dream Yard, I ran into Bianca who was also interested in this Pokemon, and then we met Team Plasma who started kicking the poor thing before an image of Ghetisis appeared to them which scared them. Before meeting Fennel I caught Sharon the Hardy Audino in the Dream Yard and she only likes males. After I met up with Fennel again and got the C-Gear I headed to Route 3 and fought Cheren again with Peggy and Steve. After the battle, I caught Sam the Pidove who was a naughty nature so he was only interested in the opposite gender meaning I could pair him with Sharon. So I am still looking for a male that likes males for Johnny or another ace to pair with Shuri.

Once Bianca told us about Team Plasma stealing a little girl's Pokemon I caught Korg the serious Roggenrola which meant that he likes females and that I couldn't add him to my team yet. After training up Sam and Sharon a bit around the daycare on Route 3 I headed back to the Wellspring Cave to take on Team Plasma with Cheren. Then I headed down to Nacrene City. Before finishing up and training I headed to the exterior of Pinwheel Forest where I caught Nick the bold Tympole who only likes females. So this basically means I have to go against Lenora with only two pairs. Anyways, now it is time to train up.

Pair One

Level: 11
Nature: Hardy (Likes males)
Ability: Regenerator
- Pound
- Growl
- Double Slap
- Refresh

Level: 11
Nature: Naughty (Likes the opposite gender)
Ability: Super Luck
- Gust
- Growl
- Leer
- Quick Attack

Pair Two

Level: 12
Nature: Timid (Likes females)
Ability: Torrent
- Water Gun
- Tackle
- Tail Whip
- Water Sport

Level: 12
Nature: Mild (Likes any)
Ability: Pick Up
- Bite
- Tackle
- Work Up
- Helping Hand

Lone Wolves

Level: 13
Nature: Careful (Likes males)
Ability: Gluttony
- Fury Swipes
- Work Up
- Lick
- Incinerate

Level: 4
Nature: Sassy (Ace)
Ability: Limber
- Scratch
- Growl
- Cut
- Theif


Level: 11
Nature: Serious (Likes females)
Ability: Sturdy
- Tackle
- Harden
- Sand-Attack
- Headbutt

Level: 14
Nature: Bold (Likes females)
Ability: Swift Swim
- Growl
- Supersonic
- Round
- Bubble Beam

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