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It has been millennia since the continents of Valm and Ylisse were last called by those names. Warfare has changed, long gone is the age of axes, swords, and bows. War is now waged with bombs, guns, and tanks. The dragonkin, or Manaketes as they are still called today, still exist although their number is constantly dwindling. In another seven hundred years, they might be extinct. The beast folk fare no better, small populations remain and very few are willing to get involved with human affairs any longer. Despite all the changes, nobility still seems to exist as though there were no force that could eradicate the Feudal system. Every army is led by a lord, one who leads their own country served by lesser nobility or by the rank and file of volunteer soldiers. The fact that there are more countries on both continents than ever before has made war far more common than it was in the past. You are citizens of a rather small country on the northwestern coast, a place that shares the continent's name. Welcome to Sanctum, a country made up of many cities (which I may actually need help naming). One way or another you came to live here, either born and raised or immigrated from the bigger countries. In the center of the country of Sanctum is a major city called Invicta. Invicta is home to the royal family of Sanctum. To the immediate south is the country of Dracul, far larger than Sanctum and its closest ally at the best of times. To the east you'd find Tambur, known for it's warlike customs and animosity towards Sanctum. The lord of Tambur, one Octavian van Rex, is an evil tyrant and must be stopped. It's been rumored that he's in league with someone far more powerful than himself and he's already captured most of the countries on the continent, only Dracul and Sanctum remain. Word has not traveled across the sea from Gilead, as far as you're aware nothing has happened on that continent. To make matters worse, the good king of Sanctum, Theophrastus, has passed away in the night of mysterious causes. Rumors continue to circulate that he's been poisoned, but no evidence has been found that supports this theory.

As you can surmise, your goal is to stop Tambur at all costs.
1. While this does involve death (although it will be less likely for player characters than NPCs) keep it PG-13. In accordance with this rule, I'll be simplifying to "[insert character name here] has died in combat" (Yes NPCs have names, and they will come up when you encounter them)
2. PVP is not allowed, primarily because it doesn't make sense for members of an army to be effectively weakening their forces.
3. Three or four sentences per post at minimum, maximum is whatever you fell you're capable of typing provided it make sense.
4. Just because you've got a higher chance to hit an NPC doesn't mean it's guaranteed, I'll confirm a hit when necessary don't auto-hit.
5. There's only two Lords maximum, and it requires you to reserve. PM me if you want to play a lord, when both have been taken, I'll edit this post and the Campfire post to state that. Manaketes and beast folk are limited to three each, although you don't have to reserve them but the option's still there.(I'll mark in the campfire when we've reached the limit on non-humans) There's one Lord, two manaketes, and three beast folk left to be claimed.
6. Fire Emblem classes work as usual, the weapons are just different. If a class had access to axes or swords before, then it will be bombs and guns. If a class had bows as their only weapon, then it's tanks now.
7. Knowledge of Fire Emblem is not necessarily required, but if you feel you need extra information post in the campfire.
8. OOC posts and forms should be kept in the campfire, this goes hand in hand with rule 7.
9. Just have fun. And include the word Avatar in the "Other" section of your form to show me you've read the rules.

Name: Winston Exampleton
Country of Origin: Sanctum/Dracul (although if you can come up with a name for one of the countries on Gilead then that works too)
City of Origin: Anytown (Name your city.)
Class: Standard FE classes (Some restrictions apply, read rules)
Appearance: Pictures are not required, but if you want to use them go ahead. Otherwise provide a description of your character in at least three or four sentences.
Personality: At least three or four sentences, if you want to do more please do.
Backstory: See Personality.
Other: If you don't know what to put, read the rules again. And please pick a text color for your character.

Accepted Characters so far:
Lord Arman Dedric of Dracul.
Fyrin West, Myrmidon.
Kathrine Grimheart, Manakete
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